The Doctor is In the House

lookingI’ve just come off of the most intense week of my IM life.

I spent a few days coaching some of our members then it was the turn of the Fitness professionals with Paul Mort’s mastermind group.

It was a non-stop carousel of beer and business. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The striking thing for me was the difference in mindset I see in online and offline marketers.

I think the difference is the fact that offline marketers have already built a business and know that taking action = getting results.

In Portugal in March I gave one guy a simple tip that we use and that I’ve told people to do 100’s of times, he implemented it…

He told me on friday that the result was an extra €8000 (about $12,000 I think)

It took him less than 5 minutes to implement.

To be honest lack of action is one of the most frustrating things about teaching people how to market, no wonder I have hardly no hair left and the small bit I do have is grey..

I’ve said it time and time again Internet Marketing is easy until you start to screw it up by making it complicated.

And thats what most people do.

Keep it simple!

Pete is away this week so I have a bit of time, if you would like me to work with you on a project for the next 7 days then reply to this email and tell me why I should work with you.

Pitch it to me like you’ve never pitched before

It won’t be free but you can tell me what it’s worth to you. (that won’t be the deciding factor so be realistic!)

We’ll have a daily call and I’ll tell you what to do.

You will have to do it or I’ll call you names!

Think of this as a weeks mentoring..

Anyway back to the main purpose of this email.

The doctor is in the house..

Imagine if you had a serious illness and you couldn’t get it cured.

One day you hear that the worlds greatest expert on that illness (who is a reclusive hermit and is hardly ever seen out) is coming to town and he is going to treat as many people as possible.

Would you go to see him?

I bet you would.. well our very own reclusive hermit who IS the worlds leading expert on writing emails that convert Andre Chaperon is doing a webinar this week…

Just by signing up for it you get a 42 page workbook on email marketing Called: How to Double Your Sales Without Growing Your List Using 12 Email “Hacks”

You can register for the webinar at:

BTW did you see that several well known Internet Marketers are telling their subscribers how to hack Facebook and get precise interests back.


Don’t do it! I’ll go into more depth about why this could be the final straw for me!

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