There Is Nothing New In Marketing

aristotleDo any of you recognise this process?

1. You Make a Shocking Statement to get Attention
2. You Pose the Problem
3. You Offer a Solution
4. You List the Benefits of Action

If you do recognise it then you will probably say it’s the formula for a sales page or sales email.

You would be technically right but what it actually is is the formula that Aristole taught to orators back in ancient Greece 2500 years ago.

Nothing Changes!

If you want to make sales today you should be following the same principles and formula





This can be applied to sales pages, landing pages and sales letters (replace the price with a call to action)

Simple isn’t it!

One thing I see everyday without fail is people overcomplicating processes.

The more over complicated a process is the more points of failure it has.

I see landing pages long enough to be sales letters, Giveaway reports that should be $97 products.

I see sales emails that apologise for pitching and welcome emails that are full on pitches.

Oh my weary bones!

Personally I think the biggest problem that all marketers have is overcomplicating things.

Marketing is simple keep it that way.

Don’t try to be clever, don’t try to be smart.

Identify a Problem, send traffic to a landing page, get them on a list and then build trust and then sell stuff that helps cure the problem.

Just follow the basic 2500 year old principles.

I am running a free no pitch workshop/webinar tonight and I’ll talk further about this.

You can register at:

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P.S. Bring a Notebook and Pen!


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