Facebook Ads – You are doing them wrong

By Mark / June 17, 2014

Ninja_The_Last_Thing_You_SeeSomethings change the world forever, the invention of electricity, antibiotics, television, the internet.

If you are an internet marketer Facebook ads should be in the list.

It killed Google’s near monopoly and allowed everyone from the stay at home mom to big corporations to get their message in front of their ideal target audience.

The mixture of demographic and Psychograpic targeting is a real winner.

I can put my advert in from of my ideal audience 25/7 365.

Imagine you are a Personal trainer in Austin Texas

You want to target women, aged 30-44 who own their own business and live is Austin Texas and who like Weight watchers and the Biggest Loser

Certainly sir, how much would you like to spend targeting those 2,400 ideal customers?

But running the ads for business isn’t the only thing you can use the Fb ad platform for.

Need to work out who your ideal client is, you could go to one of the big data providers and get them to do demographic research…

Or you can run $10 worth of ads for 3 days and see who is attracted by your advert.

Most people get Facebook advertising wrong, they don’t set the ads up properly and they don’t optimise them over time.

How many times have you ran a campaign over 3 days and then given up because the cost was too much or your weren’t getting the results you expected?

Over those 3 days you probably gathered all the data you needed to make your ad cheap and effective if only you knew how to use the ad platform properly.

If you have ever done Facebook ads or intend to do them then why not check out Fb Ad Ninja. In it I show you how to research, set up and optimise your ads.

It will save you money

Check it out now http://fbadninja.com

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