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cctvThis is an email I sent to my list today, you can join my list at the bottom of the page if you don’t want to feel you are missing out

We are all voyeurs at heart.

We love to peek through the curtains and see what other people are doing.

There were a couple of people having a stupid argument about something trivial in town the other night and you could see people straining the ligaments in their ears trying to listen.

It was actually funnier watching people who were intensely interested in what was happening pretending not to be interested.

We are naturally curious in what other people are doing, it’s human nature.

I bet if I said would you like me to show you how much I made from my last email you’d jump at the chance?

There would actually be 2 types of people wanting to look.

The nosey – it would be something to gossip about!

The interested – because they want to see how this schizzle works and if they could reverse engineer it.

( That reminds me I must do an email about “The Question” . It’s a simple question I get asked all the time and the way it’s asked tells me exactly who is serious about IM and who isn’t..watch out for that email!)

Right if you come under the nosey part of the audience .. bail out here.

OK interested dudes and dudettes I am going to show you an email I sent recently, how much it made and discuss why I think it worked.

Interested in seeing that?

I bet you are… once again if you aren’t then no need to carry on reading.

I am doing this for a reason, my old Aussie mate Rob came up with a great idea, he would publish some of his emails and include analysis, feedback and how much they made him.

He called it Email InsiderĀ 

If you do email marketing then it’s really worth a look as it will show you different types of email and how you can use feedback and even unsubscribes to earn money with every email you send.

These aren’t emails that earn massive amounts but if I asked you would you like to make $100-$200 every time you emailed a small list would you do it?

I bet you would. Hell yeah!

So here is the deal…

Go and look at Email Insider if you like it and want to have a blueprint about what to write and how to slip a promotion in then grab it.

Then head over to http://fbdynamo.com/email-goodness/ and you’ll see the results and analysis of a recent email I sent.

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