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By Mark / July 21, 2014

insightOver the past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time working with Facebook Interests and i’ve shared a lot of what I’ve learned via webinars and Fb Ad Ninja.

I got an email the other day after a webinar that said..

“For weeks I’ve been seeing people promoting tools that gets back Facebook’s precise interest targeting. Should I use this”

My advice on this is don’t use it!

Apart from the obvious issue of using something that Facebook doesn’t want to be used, there is a much better tool that you can use that is provided by Facebook.

Audience Insights

Is it any good?

Lets just put it this way…

It’s gets my juices flowing like a 24 oz Steak with Cajun Fries served by Hooters finest.

My advice is put aside at least 30 minutes research time before you create any ad and you will find your ad campaigns being far more successful.

Anyhoo Mi Amigo’s I’ve shot a short video that will hopefully reveal the joys of the Insights tool to you.


Finally A couple of Public Service announcements!

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Tim Goodwin

Super cool little video…

I’ve actually been building specialised custom audiences within the insights tool… So selecting the interests within the insights tool, saving the audience so I can easily target a specialised audience in multiple ads without having to go back every time and recreate the audience…

Probably one of the most powerful features of FB ads yet.

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