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shareasimageSo there I was this morning enjoying a good old fashioned English breakfast.. Bacon, egg, sausage, beans, fried bread… hash browns? (no idea when they became part of an english breakfast!) when a good friend of mine came in.

I asked him what he was doing today and he told me he is going to play in a professional golf tournament.

It seems he read about a qualifying competition and decided he’d try to qualify .. he did.

I asked him how did he think he’s get on and he replied: ” no idea but I know I’ll walk up the 18th having given it everything I can.”

If I make the cut thats awesome.. if I don’t it sure as hell beats working for a crappy boss.

Oh yeah baby.. he hit the nail on the head.

How many of you honestly can look back at a project and say. I did the best I could?

I can.

How many of you get up every morning and look forward to going to work?

I do.

How many of sit at a desk and stare out the window wishing you could be somewhere else?

I don’t.

Check out the big head on Mark! – (Give yourself 10 kudos points if you know the source of the deliberate misquote)

10 years ago I was in a situation I hated, I had a job I hated, I had a Mortgage around my neck.

I was living the 9-5 suburbia nightmare, until I did the equivalent of running away to the circus.

I was in a worse situation than you are.. I didn’t know anything about making money online.. wasn’t even aware it existed.

You have far more advantages than I had, you have access to mentors and info courses, Facebook Marketing and Listbuilding. You have access to instant sources of income like Amazon, Teespring and Fabrily.

You can run an ad on Facebook (didn’t exist when I started!) make a sale or get a subscriber

You have access to the knowledge from amazing products from the last few years like Autoresponder Madness and Mass Control.

You can learn from other peoples mistakes and take a shortcut to success.

All I had was a blog and Adsense.. and I didn’t even know how to FTP.

In the words of Harold Macmillan “You’ve never had it so good”

If I can succeed then anyone can.

You just need to Do Awesome.

Start a project and stick to it , be that terrier that won’t let go. That’s Awesome

Write a report and use it to get subscribers.. That’s Awesome

Send an ad to a product page and make a sale ..That’s Awesome

Write a presales page and drive traffic to it .. That’s Awesome

Don’t do normal.. Do Awesome

P.S. Over the past month I’ve mentioned Fb Ad Ninja a few times! Thank you to everyone who has grabbed a copy. The Price is going up again tomorrow.

So I just wanted to remind you to act now before it goes up.

If you ever have any intention of using Facebook ads it will pay for itself with your first campaign.





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