Developing Working Habits …That Work

By Mark / April 28, 2009

One of the secrets of being a sucessful marketer is to develop good habits. If you only have an hour spare a day then get into the habit of using all 60 minutes of that hour to develop your site or products.

If you spend way too much time on Instant messaging or reading emails develop the habit of turning them off when you start to work. Developing habits that allow you to work effectivly can be the difference between making a living from internet marketing and making a bit of extra cash.

Developing all the best habits in the world isn’t going to have any effect if you aren’t prepared to work. I know I’ve said this many times before but there are no short cuts, you can’t spend money on a product and expect to be making a profit within a few weeks unless you have all the basics in place and know how The Internet Marketing world works.

And Finally…..

I had a conversation with someone I know quite well last week who was complaining that there is a conspiriacy to keep details of what really works away from the general public. This attitude would be quite funny If it wasn’t the 2nd or 3rd time it’s heard it in the past few weeks. I don’t know where this conspiracy theory came from but it’s just not true.

I think it may come from the fact that people tend to over complicate things. I personally like to break things down into the simplest method possible and get that working first, I then start to add tweeks that may make things more profitable.

For example If i want to promote a clickbank product I’ll set up a review page then drive traffic to it with articles.

Once that starts to work I may add related content to the site to attract more visitors. I may then take the keywords used to find the site and start a small ppc campaign . If at anytime something doesn’t work I can always go back to basics.

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Deryck Oñate Espinel

Nice post, i´m looking preciselly for this kind of info. Sometimes i waste time in less-important things and the jobs cut my neck after the day.



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