The “Do Awesome” 30 Day Challenge

contest_winnerLast week following the post an email about trying to always “Do Awesome” I got asked if I could do a video about exactly what I would do to start an online business.

I felt like Captain Jean Luc Picard.

I gathered my team around me and said “Make it So”

They said .. “You do it”.. (well apart from the cat who said “stroke me I am the supreme being” – bloody cats!)

So I did

What’s The “Do Awesome” 30 Day Challenge?

It’s simply 30 videos and 30 emails designed to be viewed in the time  it takes you to drink a coffee.

Over the 30 days It will take you from the basics of choosing a niche to the advanced tactics I use to drive thousands of visitors to my sites.

The challenge is to go from nothing to making money in the 30 days.

Once you have completed the Challenge you should be able to use this system in any niche and generate an income in 7 days as you have an easy to replicate system.


How Do I Join?

Head over to signup and your in

How Much Does it cost?

Nothing, nada, zip, zilch … the 30 videos and emails are free.

So if you ever wanted to build a sustainable online business that can be scaled or replicated then you now have no excuse not to.

This is also perfect if you over think things.. as each videos gives you a simple task to perform.. don’t over think, do the task and soon you’ll have a site that will make you money.

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