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I recently completed an Article Marketing Course as part of WordPress Goldmine and in the past few weeks I’ve done a few interviews where I mentioned some of the things the course features. The one aspect that has had most comments and questions (and occasional abuse) is my assertion that when article marketing you should treat your Resource/Bio box like an Adwords Ad.

I thought I’d use this blog post to try to clarify exactly what I mean.

The first thing that you need to realise that as a marketer the resource box is the most important part of the article, this is where you are going to make your money and allow you to realise you dreams. To put it as simply as possible, If you get 1000 views on an article and have a 10% Click Through Rate (CTR) 100 people will visit your site. If you manage to get a 30% CTR you have 300 visitors and hopefully make 3 times as much money as you did previously.

Simply increasing my click through Rate has Increased the income on some of my clickbank accounts from a regular $40 per day to over $100 a day several days a week.

The way I’ve done this is to look at how adsense ads are displayed and worded and then apply these techniques to my articles. People who do PPC sucessfully spend hours getting their ads right and testing them to make them as effective as possible. So why shouldn’t article maketers take as much time and effort to work out which resources boxes convert best and attract buyers.

Look at the following 2 resource boxes and guess which one would convert best.

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In fact don’t guess test it out on your next articles..

Finally don’t think that you need to write short resource boxes, you can still use adsense styled resource boxes in longer format.The main thing is to experiment and see what grabs the attention of your readers.

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