Article Marketing Experiment – Day 1

By Mark / September 9, 2007

One Site, One Article, One Tool and One Hour

I am about to embark on an Article Marketing Experiment. Article marketing is one of the best ways to promote a site and drive traffic to it but it is getting more and more difficult as submission times are getting longer at sites like Ezine Articles.

I’ve been looking at number of methods of getting articles submitted and I think I have come up with the Ultimate Article Marketing method. I am going to try this out this week and let you know the results.

This is how the experiment will work.

I’ll create a Blog and promote it using only the method and tool I’ve discovered. I’ll use a unique name and submit just 1 article that points back to the site. Oh and to make sure it’s not too easy I’ll only give myself 1 hour in total to spend on the Article Marketing

I’ll use no other method of promotion and create a video of each step. I won’t reveal the tool until the site is indexed and the author name is appearing in the search engines.

So Lets Get Started :

Day 1.

I am just about to purchase a domain and build a blog. I’ll create 1 unique post and no more until the site is indexed. As a further test I am targetting a keyword that has over 1.6 million competing pages so it will be interesting to see how we rank and if our ranking increases.

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