The Trouble With Steve

By Mark / September 1, 2014

0010196357E-849x565I’ve known Steve (name changed to protect the guilty) for about 10 years, he’s an online “friend”.

I first met him in the first Forum I joined when I decided to try my hand at IM, the forum was called Keyword Avalanche and it was originally designed to help you find profitable keywords for made MFA sites (Made For Adsense)

In fact I still know a lot of people who were members there. Many have gone on to make a full time income online. (not Steve!)

For many of us the Forum was the perfect learning environment, we could share what we learnt and bounce ideas off of each other and celebrate others successes know that if they can do it so can we..It was inspirational and I was incredibly sad when it eventually died.

It was like most forums with a broad cross section of members you had the doers and the thinkers.

Steve was a thinker.

I was a doer

Someone would post an idea they had for creating a money generating site.

Steve would ask lots of questions and find lots of reasons why it wouldn’t work.

On the other hand I would go out and replicate the site and try to improve on it. Then contribute what I’d learned.

Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t.

Life is like than sometimes.

Sometimes your car starts first time on a cold winter day, sometimes it doesn’t

Do you give up trying to start the car if it doesn’t fire up first time?

The stuff that worked got filed away for future use or implemented into my systems and processes. The stuff that didn’t work was discarded.

This worked as a sort of filter to help me to work out online marketing.

Steve asked his questions, got his answers and took no action.

Occasionally he would get the urge to actually take action and do something but after a few days when he didn’t see any results he’s give up and come back into the forum and post about how that method was crap and didn’t work.

Almost 10 years later Steve is still thinking about how great it will be when he masters Internet Marketing , it’s just that he thinks there is still too much to learn.


You only need to know a few things to master IM

1. How to find a product or a service that people want.

2. How to present an offer to them in a way that makes them want to buy

3. How to find the people and drive them to your offer

4. Focus on ideas you can scale up and replicate

The difference between successful marketers who make a full time income online and ones that don’t is very little it’s just the determination to follow through on a project and then to scale it.

My business partner Pete is an absolute genius when it comes to following through, if you’ve seen our posts, videos or emails you know that he is like a pit bull with a bone when he see’s people making money online.

He analyses and tests until he knows exactly what they are doing then he takes it to the next level.

Last year it was Teespring, 13 failed campaigns in a row then BOOM he hit on the formula that allowed him to generate $5000+ weeks with teespring.

Now he’s taken what he learned with teespring and is setting up simple online stores and selling cheap physical products.

What is Teespring if it’s not an online store selling cheap physical products and they do ok!

So is this working for him?

Hell yeah! a new store he set up last week took over $7000 in it’s first week

Here is the proof…


The one he set up a few weeks back is doing $2000 a day

What did I say earlier about being able to replicate your ideas!

By now you are probably thinking that I am going to try to sell you a new course… ‘fraid not Sunny Jim

You see myself and Pete are off of the “Create, Launch, Create, Launch” Carousel

All our training is now released for free to our members at Serious Marketers Only, that’s the only place you’ll get access to it.

This is not theory this is what we are actually doing, the vast majority of it is case study based, so you’ll see what works and what doesn’t

We’ve just finished uploading Pete’s e-commerce training , which will be followed by a webinar later this week and the launch of our $10,000 e-commerce challenge.

So if you are really serious about building an online lifestyle business come and join us we’ll welcome you with open arms and do everything we can to help you build your business

I’ve added a short 4 minute video below where you can have a sneak peek inside the Forum

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