Proof Article Marketing Works??

You’ll know If you’ve read my blog before that I  am I big supporter of EzineArticles and Article Marketing in general. Two months ago I bit the bullet and signed up for the premium ezine article service, I had been holding out as the $97 did seem a bit steep. However the additional stats and articles being accepted within hours rather than days pursuaded me to try it.

I decided that as I was paying almost $100 I had better make sure I submited at least 100 articles a months to get my moneys worths. In order to test the effectiveness of this level of article marketing I have focussed on 5 sites 3 of which are clickbank 2 are adsense/ebay sites.

I used one of my clickbank accounts that was earnign about $50 a week on average for the 3 clickbank products.  I also did nothing else to the sites, no new content or other forms of site promotion.

I also wrote articles in the style I advocated in my Article Marketing Step by Step in WordPress Goldmine, so in general the articles took less than 70 minutes a day to write I tried to write a minimum of 5 a day.

So 2 months down the line how are things going??

Well The clickbank account is now averaging around $400 a week with a best day of $137.  One of the Adsense/ebay sites with 3 content pages has earned almost $600 on it’s own.  The final site is a bit of a failure but it has had the lowest number of articles submitted for it so $150 is probably acceptable.

I’ll let you decide if you think that this proves that article marketing works… I know what I think!

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