Twitter – Controling The Signal To Noise Ratio

Twitter is an enigma, The potential to use it for good,to break news and also to make money is undisputed. On the other hand The “signal to Noise Ratio”  can be prohibitive. For those of you who don’t know what signal to noise ration is let me explain with the help of Wikipedia.

“Signal-to-noise ratio compares the level of a desired signal (such as useful twwets) to the level of background noise(sales pitches and other useless tweets). The higher the ratio, the less obtrusive the background noise is.”

So basically the less background noise the better the signal to noise ratio… On twitter the noise is the pointless constant spamming or poor quality tweets someone makes. I once followed someone who tweets solely consisted of what music they were listening to.. At the other end of the spectrum I got 50 tweets from one1 person in a day promoting GDI..the seller of those pointless .ws domains. Did either of the tweeple think they were being useful and helpful?

I’ve recently used the method I laid out in the Free Twitter Tips and Tricks book I released last week to build up over 3000 followers in the past month. I now have a responsibility to provide useful interesting information to those followers and not constant sales messages. Personally I like to follow people who inspire me and with whom I can enter into conversations so why shouldn’t I try to follow that example. Unfortuatly many of these people get lost in the constant background noise so the question is how to Deal with it.


I think the obvious answer is to go through my twitter account and remove people who don’t provide a good signal to noise ratio. Personally I don’t mind getting tweets that are sales pitches, I’ve often found very useful ideas and products this way bit I don’t want to be bombarded with them.

If everyone adopted a policy of only following people who posted interesting and useful tweets 80% of the time Twitter would be a far more useful place..

Thats my Views and I’ve probably missed something obvious. As an internet marketer am I being a hypocrite? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or sending a tweet.

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marsha shenk

Thank you; I couldnlt agree more. Twitter can be so useful – how about if those of us who are using it constructively set standards by unfollowing as you suggest


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