Get Rid of Your Limiting Beliefs Just Start to Believe

Sometimes I get so frustrated for some of the rubbish spouted by Internet Marketers and people who believe the rubbish that I want to go and shake them and tell them to wake up.

Let me Spell it out You aren’t going to make $100,000 a month this month or next month if you are just starting out… I don’t make $100,000 a month and I’ve been doing Internet marketing for almost 5 years now.

I do however make money every day and I make enough to live a comfortable life style. I am able to work 1 day a week if I want or 5 days It’s doesn’t matter..the cheques will still arrive.. What more could I ask for?? 

If you are a marketer and you want to sell a $500 or $2000 products you need to make sure that there is a lot of perceived Value there and you want you buyer to think that “the dream” is achievable. It’s no different to the Diet and weight loss business.  There are hundreds of weigh loss books available and lots of diet advice. 

I am currently losing 1kg per week (2.2 lbs) how do I do it… reduce the number of times I eat out from about 4 a week to 3 and rather than drink 5 pints of beer I’ll drink 4. On top of that I’ll exercise everyday, an hour in the gym or a cycle is all it takes. So do you think I could write a book about “How to lose weigh while still eating whatever you want?”  

I bet it would be a best seller but very short.. just 4 words.. Eat less, Exercise more.

Internet marketing Is just like that anyone can do it and anyone can be successful you just need to break it down to the basics, make it as simple as possible.Drop the badly converting sites and concentrate on the winning sites. Put simple  Get Traffic , Convert Them

I’ll reiterate something in the last sentence…. Make it as Simple as Possible…If you never read anything else I write please remember this.

I get emails from people every week asking if The system I use In WordPress Goldmine really works…Yes it does. The key is that it’s simple and easily replicated once you have built your first site and know what you are doing you can quickly roll out your next site. The thing is you need to work at it…If you aren’t prepared to work then you will never make money online. If you expect that any system or program is going to make you $100,000 with out work you are going to be disappointed.

Another type Of email I get says things like, I’ve tried clickbank, adsense, ebay and none of it works. Yes it does work, it works for me and It works for lots of people I know. What’s not working is what the writer of the email is currently doing. When i tell them that I make money with small microsites they refuse to believe that it could possibly work because their 100 page site make no money.

The final type of email I get regularly is ones from people begging me to tell them what the “real secret” is to making money online. They are convinced that all internet marketers are holding stuff back from them, and there is some masonic like club where we all meet and exchange ideas.

There are no secret societies, no funny handshakes. There is no conspiricy to keep knowledge out of your hands.

If you are happy to work at creating an online income and have realistic expectations then I have a deal for you..

Later this month WordPress Goldmine Is going to switch to a Monthly Subscription Model at the moment it costs a $67 one time payment. There is more upto date content and step by step guides than you’ll find elsewhere and more being added almost daily. On top of that you’ve got a 60 100% money back Guarantee period.

So here is the deal, signup now try it for 60 days work at it for the next 2 months, if you get stuck ask for help and myself or other members will help you out. We will make sure you keep on track and give you the best possible chance of making money. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never built a site or if you are experienced and just want a system that works. After that 60 days If you aren’t making money then ask for a refund.

All I ask is that you drop all the negative thoughs and enter with an open mind…Try it works!!!

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