Monday Tip – How To Make Money Quickly Online

If you were to believe all the hype you would think that it was easy to make $100,000 a year online. It’s not!… it takes work. You should try to think of the fist few months that you are working online as an apprenticeship. Use that time to gather knowledge and don’t worry too much about How much income you will earn.

Following on from that it is best to start building your online business before you need the extra money or before you find yourself dependant on your online income. However if you need quick cash there are several things you can do and In this post I will look at two of them.

Traditionally Internet marketers build sites or products that will earn money over a long period of time. I have sites that have been earning money over the past 4 years each month I add to my sites and build my income even more. It’s like filling a bucket with a dripping tap every month you add a few extra drips and soon the bucket is filling quickly. That doesn’t help if you need a bucket full of cash now.

The first method is to offer a service. I spent 6 months building sites for people when I first started internet marketing.I Used to build autogenerated sites and host them on my server I could complete these in a few minutes with the tools I had. It was quite easy to make $50 to $100 a day doing this. It kept me going until my own sites took off. If you don’t think that this will be a profitable venture let me tell you that I regularly spend over $500 a month on external services and I am not alone. I know several marketers that spend two or three times that.

There are loads of services you could perform you just need to price your services at the right level. Too much and you won’t get enough business too little and  you’ll get overwhelmed with work and won’t be able to keep up. Some services you could consider are content creation, Forum posting, link building, graphic creation etc.

In addition to providing services you could create sites and sell them, Pre built sites can be sold for over $100. If you can build and sell 3 or 4 a week you will have a nice income that you can rely on.

There are two places that you can sell your services, and the Digitalpoint forum. It may be also worthwhile offering your services at the warrior forum. I recently found a great graphics designer there. 

For earning quick cash there is no better way that to offer services or sell sites..try it you’ll be glad you did.

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Paul Forcey

Offering services can also bring you in much larger jobs, I am making headers for peoples sites for $5 each at the moment and while those $5 headers may seem like a waste , they have also brought me in $1k of extra work for people who have started with a header and moved up from there.

Don’t discount the $5’s and $10’s as they can mount up and lead to much larger things.




Good point – you never know where this kind of thing will lead. I tend to forget that when I’m considering whether a job is worth taking on or not. Thanks for the reminder Paul, and an excellent post Mark 🙂


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