Article Marketing Experiment Day 4

By Mark / September 12, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen Google has landed…

I checked this morning more out of hope than conviction that the site would be indexed and i was very surprised to see it was.

The day 4 tag is a bit misleading so here is the timeline

Sunday Day 1 _ created the site.

Monday 3pm CET uploaded 1 article
Tuesday 7.25 am CET recieved notification of review and submission (this is sent automatically at the time of submission)
wednesday 11am is in google and author name is showing in google.

Time from the notification being recieved to indexing is 28 hours so indexing could have been anywhere from 16-28 hours. Which isn’t too shabby!

The focus now is on seeing how many links we get back and how many times the authors name appears.

I’ve recorded another video so you can have a look at the results.

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