BRACE BRACE BRACE- More Hype Incoming

Straight on the tails of The Clickbank Code comes another over hyped over priced Clickbank Product.

This is a warning you are about to get inundated with emails for yet another Clickbank product. Yes in a week or two CB Quantum will go live. The pre-written emails are ready to go along with the bits of video ready to get you warmed up. You’ll get pre written emails and bonus offers  all in an effort to get you to buy the product and earn the affiliate a very healthy commission.

I’m not even going to mention my views about the 3 guys producing this product. It would probably get me landed with a writ for defamation of character, lets just say I loathe the methods they use, and believe that the whole area of Internet marketing would be better off without people like them.

My issue with this is that this is yet another product about how to make money using clickbank. The thing that gets me is that these guys have been producing Clickbank guides for several years now …If I am not mistaken Clickbank hasn’t changed , the methods are still the same. Why are the methods that they once sold for $47 or $97 now worth $1000? If you get emails promoting this before you unsubscribe ask them why the other clickbank books they promoted are no longer valid!

Don’t be taken in by their slick sales letters, they make most of their money by selling crap like this to their lists of subscribers and then creating another book about how they made a million dollars and now own a Ferrari and yacht…then sell that to their lists.

Making money with clickbank is easy and you don’t need to spend $1000 to find out how to do it.

Here is how i do it…

Disclaimer… I don’t own a Ferrari or a Yacht so if that’s how you judge success then don’t follow the guide below. I do however get a nice payment from Clickbank every week.

1. Find a Product, or are great for doing this.

2. Set up a landing page or a blog with a review of the product. I prefer the review method.

3. Find a series of keywords that people interested in that niche would use when searching for information.

4. Use the keywords to drive visitors to your site either by Article marketing Or PPC (I prefer Article marketing It’s cheaper and 1 article can get thousands of views!)

Thats it for this latest rant I’ll be unsubscribing from anyone who sends me emails about CB Quantum. It really is time we told marketers who really don’t care about their subscribers that enough is enough.

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A+ Post like always brother. If I may share some of my own IM wisdom with you and your readers as well? I will give the credit to Jenn (a.k.a. pot pie girl) since she had blogged this only this morning and this reminded me of that as I sit here in my evening blog reading, slash cocktail hour heh heh.

I’ve been doing this for about a year now, but I like to hang out on all those lists to stay on top of my competition etc. And I like to take notes about which emails I opened, and why… which ones I didn’t, and again why… what list I opted out of, and again… why… Also what products I wanted to buy, and you guessed it… why.

This is great insight for our own copy writing and lists to learn from. Jenn stated it best when she said all this time they were training her and she didn’t even realize it. We even had a funny discussion inside the wealthy affiliate forum today about the crazy things we like to do on our lists. She said how she likes to enter names like “good looking” and sees those messages in her in box that say “Hey there good looking!”

I like to use names like “God” for ego boosts and then go for silly names like Elvis Bob or Fancy Pants. I even entered a list of a guru under the names of some more inappropriate things I will not divulge here. And if you’re reading this Jenn… hopefully I didn’t put you in a weird spot bringing this up hehe. Accept this email I will send you soon entitled “Hey good looking!”

Your friendly neighborhood “Internet marketing biker guy!”



Paul Forcey

When I saw “Brace Brace” in the tweet it reminded me of a old joke about australian sex talk.

Anyway when are you going to release the weight loss guide you mentioned.

Eat less – exercise – lose weight!

Sounds like a winner to me



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