Why You Should Use Video

The is nothing more compelling than a good quality Video on a site.  It draws you in and  forces you to focus on the message. Additionally it keeps people on your site longer than they would normally.

To see just how powerful it can be and make your visitors  focus on anything you want  just watch the short Video below

Impressive wasn’t it!

If you want to keep your viewers interested you don’t need to go to such lengths, just keep the videos short and snappy.  Have a look at how TV adverts are condensed and streamlined to show just how a product can benefit a viewer. Another great source of inspiration is the short video ads that many sites show before you go tot he main page.

You don’t need lots of camera and equipment to make good Video adverts

Record your screen using the free http://camstudio.org/ software.  Use related images and add text and you have a Video. Alternativly create a powerpoint presentation and then record that.

With a bit of practice you can be producing videos and reviews that make many more sales that standard reviews.

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