Can I make Money Online?

By Mark / June 15, 2009

This is the question that I probably get asked more than any other. Usually within 15 minutes of meeting someone and them finding out what I do they ask “Can I really make Money Online?”

My Answer is always very simple…”Do you believe that you can make money online” If they answer yes then I am happy to give them more information , If they say No then I change the subject.

So Let me ask you now… Do You Believe You can make money online???

If you answered no, then you really should consider if internet marketing is for you you probably won’t be prepared to put in the effort required to make money online.

If you answered yes then read on and i’ll give you some Ideas about how to make some money within 48 hours.

The quickest way to make money online quickly is to perform a service for someone else. You can find jobs on sites like elance or get a freelancer. You can also go to Amazons Mechanical Turk this is particularly good as you can withdraw cash when you’ve made $10. When I first started I supplemented my income from my sites by building sites and writing articles for people.

If you want to take this to the next level then you can subcontract the work out and just ensure that the quality is good and that the work is delivered on time. This way you can take on a lot more work than normal.

Another way to make money online is to purchase rights to a product and then sell it. Lets suppose that you buy rights to a product called “Make Quick Money Online” conventional wisdom would suggest that you set up a website and then promote it…forget it we want money how can we do it.

Why not create adverts and place them in your local supermarket or print out leaflets and place them on cars. If you were desperate you could even print out a copy of the book place it in a nice folder and sell it door to door like people used to do with the Enclyclopedia Britannica. (ok it’s not strictly online but we want money now!) Also place free ads wherever you can usfreeads, craigslist etc.

Far from being difficult, making money online can be the easiest thing in the world you just need to believe you can do it and more importantly you need to take action.

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