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By Mark / September 15, 2007

I find it kind of wierd that every now and again a product comes along that is total garbage but yet loads of marketers decide to get behind it and promote it until everyone with an internet connection has recieved about 10 emails about it. Then you get other products that are actually pretty good , well made and good value for money yet hardly anyone decides to promote it.

Obviously this has a lot to do with what I like to call the Lemming effect.. “Hey he’s promoting I have got to promote it” That is the wrong attitude to take. Come on get out there and find new underperforming products to promote.

Have you ever seen one of those nature films where herds of wildebeest are migrating across vast African plains? (wow 2 animal cliches in the same post!). There is always a long barren path where all the grass has been eaten by the herd, the ones at the front eat well while the ones at the back following along eating what been left… While out to the side there is lots of lucious grass just waiting to be eaten.

Now do you want to eat the scraps left by the leaders of the herd or would you rather eat some of that luscious grass thats off to the side. I’ll know where you’ll find me….

Just looking through cbengine over the past week I have found 4 or 5 of these products that are vastly underperforming. Generally these products are launched by people like you and me who don’t have the resources that are available to more experienced marketers so lets all get out and find some great products that deserve a wider market and get promoting.

Think of how great it will be in a year or two’s time when you can say that you helped launch the career of the next <insert your favorite/most hated marketers name here>.

Lets make Next Week Adopt a Marketer Week!

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