Back To Basics and Staying Focused

I read today that Google are going to release their own operating system next year. Judging from the excellent Google Chrome browser I suspect that it will be an excellent OS. Google seem to have a policy of stripping things back to basics then adding the essentials and leaving out the non essential parts.

If you have ever used Google Chrome you’ll know that it is fast and stable, exactly what we want from a browser. I predict that the OS will be the same. This is also not a bad thing to do with your sites.

Look at your sites and review exactly what do you need to make money..If it’s essential use it if not get rid of it. Your site should be “lean and mean”. I constantly try to refine my sites removing items that are surplus to requirements this is why you’ll rarely see sign up boxes, or rss feeds displaying news etc.

What I consider essential is good unique content, affiliate links , and product reviews. One benefit of removing non essential items is that the sites will load quicker ensuring more visitors get to see them.

Find it Hard To Concentrate on Your Sites?

I have yet to meet anyone who hasn’t had times when the last thing they want to do is to work on their sites it happens to me quite often and I need to force myself to focus on the job I need to do. I’ve written many times in the past about creating a working environment that is conducive to working effectively without interruptions. If you would like some more helpful advice please feel free to download the book I wrote a while ago on the Focussed Achievemnet Called “I Can ” there is no sign up required or no up sell… enjoy

One of the best ways to stay focused and productive is to surround yourself with people who are actually making things happen. One such place is to join forums where people are helpful and positive (avoid the ones where people are negative and have nothing positive to say, they can sap your will to live!!)

Finally today a big shout out to two guys who are active members of the WordPress Goldmine Forum (A very very positive forum!!). These guys have taken action and are actually building themselves long-term businesses.

First up we have Jeff who followed the Product creation course we created a few months back and has released his first product on clickbank, this is in a great niche so please consider promoting it. You can check out his great work at

Also a big shout out for Marl who has set up an excellent social bookmarking service, which starts at $5 superb value!! you can read more at.

That’s it…. stay Focused!

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