Get Yourself a System That Works For You

By Mark / July 24, 2009

If you want to make money online with Internet Marketing it is really important that you get yourself a simple system that will work well and keep you focused.

That system should consist of a series of tasks that you perform daily. For example one of the things you could do is you could write a blog post. Another one could be to get 3 Do Follow links back to that post. You could also have a task of finding a clickbank product to promote. etc.

Try to get as many single tasks that you can think of and place them in a list and then every day choose 4 or 5 of them and do those tasks by the end of the week you should make sure that you’ve performed each task at least once.

Here is the sort of things you could have in your Task list.

  • Post in Forums for 30 minutes with a link in your signature file
  • Comment on Blogs for 30 minutes
  • Find a Clickbank product to promote and produce a review
  • Spend 30 minutes submitting sites/pages to social bookmarking sites
  • Write an article
  • Check JV forums for new products coming out soon.
  • Write a chapter of a Product you are creating
  • Tweet 10 times on twitter include 1 affiliate link in one of the tweets
  • Write a short report to give away
  • Create a video for your tube
  • Submit an article to 10 article directories.

I am sure you get the idea now, by getting a task list and sticking to it you will soon start to see increased visitors and increased income.

Moving on now, and I am happy to report that the Forum that members get access to as part of WordPress Goldmine has now had over 7500 posts. You won’t believe how proud I feel when I see people who 2 months ago were struggling to set up their first blog are now diving in and answering questions. I don’t often blow my own trumpet but even if you don’t want the e-book it’s worth buying WordPress Goldmine just for access to the forum.

Unlike most Internet Marketing forums with WPG there are no monthly fees.  One small payment gets you lifetime access to one of the friendliest and most helpful forums that you’ll find.

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Henry Kunz

Hi Mark,

I can’t even remember how I stumbled across you but I’ve been following your blogging for a few weeks with interest. You certainly seem to be one of the few honest web marketers!

I’m very interested in your Goldmine product but unfortunately I bought Profit Lance 6 months ago. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from it but it has now become useless due to a serious gremlin attack. I need to earn some money before I spend more.

I followed a back-link from one of your ezine articles and landed on your ********** site. In my opinion this is a very simple and practical site (I don’t know how well it’s doing for you?). My question is: are the likes of eBay, Amazon and Google quite happy to share the same page?

Thanks, Henry.




Thanks for the comment (I removed the site from it though!) That site is doing very well with ebay sales and adsense. I don’t know if the “big 3 ” are happy sharing but they don’t seem to take any action. You should never put all your eggs in one basket so have 2 forms of monetization on a site is always good.


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