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By Mark / September 20, 2007

When it comes to creating an online business lack of focus is probably the biggest thing holding us back. Focus is important on 2 levels. Firstly you have your long term focus which is what you want to ultimately achieve. Stop reading this for a moment and ask yourself what do you want? Financial freedom? To be able to leave your current job and work at home? A new house? A world cruise? That is your long term focus this what will drive you if you harness it. If you want it enough and focus on it you will get it.

I had someone I used to help with her online business. She often got demotivated and stopped work. One day I asked her what she desired most and she told me how she wanted to move out of her 1 room apartment and into a house. I told her to go and find the house she wanted. When she found her dream home she placed the plans and photo’s on the wall behind her computer. Every time she wanted to finish early or not work she would look at that house and think what it meant to her. Very soon she was back working hard and completely motivated. About 14 months later she was able to complete the purchase of a similar house.

The one thing that will really mess up your long term focus is ironically lack of short term focus. you set you self a task such as writing a blog post or writing a niche article. Before you star you decide to check your emails and you spot one from a friend who you then contact via skype or IM. Before you know it it’s time to finish and you haven’t completed any work whatsoever.

Try to get yourself a regime, each morning I now log onto my PC, check my email for anything important then close down my email program. I then close down any Instant messaging software so that I can’t be disturbed. I then work for at least 3 hours like this. Keep focusing on your short term goals and your long term goals will be achieved.

You should also make a point of eliminating as many distractions as possible. Ask your family to respect your work time. If you explain to them why you need to be left alone then they will support you 100%. Try to turn off your cellphone and put any pets outside. Become your own strict boss!

If I had written this Post 2 years ago I have no doubt that it would have taken me a few hours to prepare and write. It actually took me less than 20 minutes because i was able to focus on the article and nothing else.

Go and focus on what you want, make it happen. As one of my favorite mentors always says… “Waiting is the favorite past-time of failures.”

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It’s true, focusing is hard. And it seems that the older I get, the harder it becomes.

I think this is because I want to do more things, while being aware that I have less time to do them in. So I’m cramming the whole time, and I never follow through on any one thing.

As you say, you’ve just got to knuckle down and make yourself do it.

Not easy.


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