Outsourcing Experiment Part II 3 Outsourcing Tips

By Mark / August 11, 2009

Outsourcing Experiment Part II

It’s been a few days since I updated you on the outsourcing experiment. During that time the learning curve has been steep but I’ve learned a lot. Here are 3 tips that i learned.

1 . I mentioned in the original post that the first thing I learned was to break the tasks down in to small simple tasks , i.e don’t advertise for someone to submit articles and backlinks. Instead advertise for someone to post backlinks and someone to post articles. Since then i’ve learned more.

2 . Rather than hire 1 person to do 40 hours work it is far better to hire 2 3 or 4 people to do 10 or 20 hours each. You then have the option of increasing the hours of the good workers and reducing the hours of the ones that are so good.

3 . The next tips is to advertise for people who have done the work in the past, so if you are using backlink packages from of of the well know suppliers then say in your ad that preference will be given to people who have done this work before. You don’t want to pay to train someone if you can avoid it.

Feel free to haggle with providers but the rates that seem to be standard so far are

Back linking $1.50 to $2.00 per hour
Article submission $2 -$3 per hour.

I have had several bids of below $1 and a low bid of $0.67 but I declined these

By far the best person I have employed is costing me $2.94 to post articles but she does almost twice as much as the other person doing the same task.

Both the article posters have shown initiative, some of the article sites I asked them to post to were having problems so they submitted new sites , in fact both of them provided me with lists of sites they had submitted to before.

I am about to take on 2 more people today which will bring my “workforce” upto 5 people giving me 80 hours of work a week for less than $150. I only need 5 of the 25 sites they are woking on to make 1 extra sale to justify the cost.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.

Finally If you are building your twitter followers then check out Twitter Organizer. This is a brand new site which will add followers and delete people that don’t follow you back while you sleep. It takes 30 seconds to set up and then runs automatically. The sales page isn’t the best in the world but watch the video and you’ll see the power of it.

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Mark, for backlinking do you give them a list of sites to post your url? How does it work?



Yes, I provide them with a list of 150 sites . It’s important when outsourcing that you give the provider as much info as possible. Having said that i have one that is very switched on and suggested other sites that i could use.


Tony Medina@selfhelp,personaldevelopment,relationships, motivational quotes,success

I’ve learned by experience (tip #2) to employ more than one person for a lengthier/complex job.

Thanks Mark for your valuable tips. I now have more clarity on the subject.
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