IM Don’t Run Before You Can Walk

By Mark / September 21, 2007

As part of The Income Academy Membership Site I spend plenty of time doing One to One coaching/mentoring with some of the members. Generally everyone has a similar story, they want to make money online, they work hard at it but they just can’t seem to generate a steady income. There always seem to be 2 main problems that we identify the first is that they don’t focus one 1 income stream to start with they flit between adsense and affiliate marketing or they try a bit of PPC and site flipping.

By concentrating on one income stream for a few months you’ll give yourself a great chance of succeeding. Once that Income stream starts to earn you money use the skills you learned there to create a secind and third stream. There is nothing wrong in spending a few months on 1 site you don’t need to build hundreds to start with. Get 1 site that is performing well where you have learned from your mistakes and then expend from that.

The second problem is that they seem to buy far too many tools and e-books. Once you’ve been in internet marketing for a few months you know that the same people start to promote the latest “must have” e-book or product every few months (I am sure they preapare a JV calander a year in advance!). Many of these are not particularly good and are of no use to most new Internet marketers.

The latest one to be hyped is CB Affiliate Formula which doesn’t even deserve a link as it’s a very poor product that the market sector it’s targeting won’t be able to replicate. I pretty much gave it the worst review I’ve given any product in the last year or so. Unfortunately one of my members had already bought it and asked for a refund before he read the review. I must try to be quicker exposing these rubbish products.

I am starting to drift off track here a bit so I’ll get back to the point.. If you just passed your motorcycle test would you go out and buy the most powerful motorcycle available? Probably not , and if you did you would probably crash a lot and get disillusioned. The bike would then sit in the back of the garage for months and may never be used again. This is what happens to people who go and buy all the latest and greatest tools that are pitched to them. You need to develop your skills before you use them.

Do keyword research manually and you will soon learn to spot good keywords and niches with out any tools only then should you get a keyword tool that will speed up the process for you. Learn a bit of HTML it will help you to modify your sites when you need to. Try to become proficient in as many areas of IM as possible but don’t rush things. You wouldn’t become the CEO of a company in your first month at work so why think you can master every part of your new business..

Just take your time and you will soon be on your way to achieve your targets.

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