Outsourcing Experiment Part III

By Mark / August 20, 2009

The outsourcing experiment is well under way and the workers have been paid for the first week. Everything went well and all the work was done as requested obviously some workers are quicker than others. After 2 or 3 weeks I’ll end some of the assignments and keep the people who are doing the best work.

The costs for the first week were $156 and for that I had 72 hours work done for me. In those 72 hours there were 20 articles posted to 25 sites each giving 500 back links. There were 3 links for 4 different sites posted to 150 high PR sites. So a total of 1800 links. 2300 potential backlinks for $156 is not a bad deal especially when 500 or them are articles which could generate lots more links for many years to come.

It’s a bit too early to tell how the links will impact on the sites but initial results are quite encouraging. With just an extra 4 high pr links showing up for one site the pages the links went to had risen by up to 300 places in Google. Getting into the top twenty of Google is relatively easy. The difficulty comes moving into the top ten and up to position 1.

One interesting thing I’ve managed to do for a site that was already #1 was to get positions 2 3 and 4. Position 2 is now a second page on the site and position 3 and 4 are 2 or my articles from ezine articles. Just a few links to an article can have a very positive result.

Financially, which is what really matters, it is too early to tell if the links are having a genuinely positive effect. My Adsense earnings is up by about 20% over last month so that’s good. I’ve also made some sales from sites that haven’t made sales for a few months. All of this could be coincidence. Time will tell

Overall I am happy so far, so much so that I now have 10 people working for me. I took on 4 article writers today. They are all native English speakers and the rates range from $1.67 and hour to $4.44 an hour. I’ve asked for a minimum of 3 250 word articles an hour and created a video to show them how to do it. I’ve also given them a copy of the article I wrote about how to write an article in under 10 minutes.

The reason the rates are so low is that you’ll often find new providers on Odesk are happy to work cheaply so they can build up feedback and experience. That then allows them to charge more later on. I am more than happy to increase rates and give bonuses when work is completed well.

I’ve given all 4 new employees 2 keywords today and asked for at least 6 articles. If everything is Ok and they get accepted by the article directories I use I’ll give them 10 hours work next week. Finally I’ll choose the best ones and give them more hours.

As I’ve said in the past articles, break your outsourcing down into small manageable chunks. The last thing you want to do is to have to pay someone for 40 hours if their standard of work isn’t good. Start small and increase the hours once they prove they can work accurately and to a deadline.

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Peluang usaha

It’s nice calculation about investment in outsourcing.




I have not tried odesk yet, but would you mind sharing who your writers are on Odesk? I have tired many writers in the past, elance and such, but it is so hard to find good writers/posters! thanks.




Sharing the names of good outsourcing staff is like giving away all your good niches… business suicide!!

The secret to success with outsourcing is to learn how to find good staff, with odesk it’s very easy as you can see what work they have done before and also see how they were rated. I always give my writers a small job to start with that isn’t going to costme more than $5 to see if they are ok.

If you are a member at wordpress goldmine check out the videos i made on creating the ads and how to choose the staff you’ll see exactly what to do, there is also the services section where several good quality staff are recommended.


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