Gurus-Put Up Or Shut Up

By Mark / September 22, 2007

Looking up the word guru in a dictionary usually gives a definition along the lines of

any person who counsels or advises; mentor:”

This should apply to internet marketing just the same as any other field but in 90% of the time it doesn’t. It seems to me that in Internet Marketing the Guru’s see it as their role to sell sell sell and to suck every single cent they can from their subscribers. To do this they constantly come up with new products or rehash old products.

If they don’t have a product to sell they will happily sell other peoples for nice healthy percentage. Look at the sales pages of some of these guys and you see the same people giving testimonials on each other’s products What I call a testimonial circle jerk. (if you need that explaining don’t ask me!)

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with making money but you need to give something back. There are certain marketers/”gurus” who will have an offer with every email they send out. Each and every posting to their blog is an attempt to sell something. Last year in a post I made to another blog I suggested that a backlash was coming against these marketers who give no value. Unfortunately it seems I was wrong. They are still pumping their lists as hard as ever.

There are some notable exceptions to the list of Marketers like this People like Jeremy Palmer who share what they know and don’t constantly sell. There should be more. I joined a list of a new marketer 2 weeks ago when I bought an e-book from him. The e-book was quite good except it was stuffed with affiliate links and all his emails since then have been the same.

So come on guys it’s time to redress the balance If you are a marketer who can’t send out an email without trying to sell something try to change and give some value to your lists. Earn that tag of Guru.

If you know a guru that genuinely gives value to their list on a regular basis and offers much more information that sales pitches why not comment below and we’ll get a list together of the good guys and the bad guys. I might even come up with a ratings list that can be published somewhere.

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