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By Mark / August 24, 2009

WordPress Goldmine Version 2.00 is launching next week. On August 31st I’ll be removing the old videos and ebook and integrating Version 2.0 more closely with the forum.

There are several reasons for this obvious WordPress has changed a lot over the last 18 months so most of the old videos are getting out of date. I’ve also been adding the Step by step courses on a regularly basis and these have built up into quite an encyclopedia of Online marketing. If you want to research a way to make money online then it’s probably already in a video series or planned for a future series..

Another major consideration is that the Forum now has almost 10,000 posts and 1000 members and it has become the main focus of WordPress Goldmine so it’s time to shift the emphasis from the pdf and old slow loading flash videos to the new cloudfront based Mp4 Videos with professional quality sound and the forum .  Version 2  will still have a 115 page manual for those that prefer to read rather than view. It will also still have the web 2.0 reference guide and the site promotion blueprint.

Initially when we started we were focused entirely on using wordpress to create sites since then we’ve added various free courses which have increased the range of topics covered, We’ve had article marketing courses, Product creation courses and currently an outsourcing course all of these are free to members. Many of these are of higher quality and more relevant than courses being sold for between $47 and $97. WordPress Goldmine is fast becoming an encyclopedia of Money Making Techniques

One final major change is that we are changing from a one time payment  to a monthly subscription model.  If you would rather pay a one time payment (you’ll be grandfathered in and have access to V1 and V2) you can still join WordPress Goldmine for a single one time payment for the next 7 days.  I have been putting off this change for about 6 months now but I’ve finally seen sense and decided that this is the best way to move forward and include some cool features and tools I want to implement.

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