Avalanche!!!…It’s Another Product Launch

By Mark / September 25, 2007

You’d better batten down the hatches and clear out your mail boxes there is another launch due in a few hours time. You’ll undoubtedly be inundated by emails offering you bonuses and the marketers first born if you buy through their link. If you don’t already know the product is PPC Classroom. You are probably expecting me to be negative about as I have been with so many recent launches (I still can’t believe that Andrew Fox had the nerve to release that recent pile of stinking dog crap)…well this one is different

Yes PPC Classroom is actually pretty good. How do I know? Well I’ve seen the drafts of some of the chapters and it really impressed me. Jeremy has not held back with any secrets and gives you everything that you need to succeed at PPC. Included in the package are some really excellent bonus’s such as a Live Conference in Las Vegas.

So now you are probably wondering why I’m not littering this with loads of affiliate links. Well the truth is that PPC Classroom will be promoted by everyone who is anyone in the marketing world and they will be offering big bonuses to go along with the product. Every now and again you need to accept that you can’t compete with some of these guys so I would suggest that you hunt around for the best bonus’s you can find.

I really believe that the product is under priced and over delivering. Unlike most marketers Jeremy and Anik Singal his partner in PPC ClassRoom revealed the price last week. What this? Ethics creeping into marketing whatever next!! Everything about this launch has been done in a professional manner with style and class and that has carried over to the product itself. I really hope that other marketers learn from this .

If you can afford the $497 dollars without going into debt and you want to embark on PPC campaigns then I would highly recommend PPC Classroom . It ‘s by 2 guys who won’t try to rip you off and it holds nothing back. This launch is like a breath of fresh air after some of the fetid rubbish we’ve seen recently.

So If you are interested go to:

Then clear your cookies do a search on Google for “PPC Classroom” and find the best Bonus’s being offered and sign up…unfortunately I don’t think Cody Moya will be offering an ATV this time!!

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