Internet Marketing Is a Business

By Mark / September 3, 2009

A Forum member posted something today In wordpress goldmine that is so true I thought I should do a post about it. “Internet marketing is not a get Rich Quick scheme it’s a Business” (thanks Heather!) She was so right and it’s something we can forget from time to time especially with all the crap products that get hyped up by loads of wannabe gurus who just want to make a quick few dollars with no concern about their subscribers.

I heard them described on another blog as Psychopathic Marketers, They can happily sell things without a thought for their Victims. That is so true there have been some products released lately that are nothing more than scams. Imagine asking people to pay to Join a CPA network, some times I despair! If you are not sure what I am referring to then I suggest you grab a cup of coffee and read the link at the end of the post post. I just wish I could write half as well as that.

I recently likened Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, John Reese and Eban Pagan to The 4 horsemen of the apocalypse. Bringing forth the end of Internet marketing as we know it. I didn’t mean it in a particularly good way but when you look at what these guys produce they do treat IM as a business. And they generally target their products to the right demographic, established marketers.

The problem is that Joe Schmoe whose free report on backlinks you bought a few months back will hype the product to death to get commissions. He doesn’t care if the product is a good for you or not so long as it’s good for him. You don’t find good business people recommending a product to their customers that are so obviously a bad fit that they know the customer will be disappointed.

Of course this is a two way street , so long as there are people willing to believe the crap then it will be perpetuated. Next time someone says that you can make $100,000 a month by building a store in an hour to sell products or submitting articles to ezine articles, Step back and ask yourself how many people do you know that have done it? I certainly haven’t done it and I’ve been earning all my money online for 4 years.

Please don’t believe all they hype, as soon as people stop buying over hyped rubbish you’ll start to see more of the good products with good systems come to the fore. They are out there but just overshadowed by the over hyped crap.

Internet marketing is a Business and Businesses take work. If you are prepared to work then welcome it’s a great life.

Any way go an grab that coffee and read the article below it will hopefully open your eyes a bit more.

Take care it’s a jungle out there!

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catherine ford

Still laughing at the vision of Eben Pagan as one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, I can see Frank Kern oh yes. However you are correct there are some fantastic products out there that can assist people to halp their business grow but they are not marketed aggressively, and the people that need them do not get to know about them.


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