Social Bookmarking: Exploring the potential.

By Mark / August 3, 2006

By now everyone should know that social bookmarking can be a great way to to get your sites indexed. Although have a Robots no follow code in place it doesn’t always work and has one other feature that makes it very useful.

You can export all your bookmarks to an .xml file which can then be imported into another socialbookmarking site. Earlier today I made a quick search and found 2 “private” social bookmarking sites in under 3 minutes one was a PR4 the other was a PR6. Within 2 minutes I had links to my sites on the front page, plus in the Tag cloud.

Whats a “private” sb site? It’s just owned and run my normal people like us. some have adsense on them some don’t. The majority of them use a script called Scuttle that allows your to import your links.

Take action!! Go to and search for scuttle download it , install it point some high PR links at it and in a few months you will have a high PR resource that you can use to

A) Get your sites indexed

B) Monetise

C) Sell links on

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