Article Marketing Experiment: Final Part

By Mark / October 1, 2007

If you remember I set out to test if Article Marketing was really a good way to promote a site and to get backlinks.

I gave my self a new site The Article Marketing Blog (apt eh?) I used 1 article 1 Article distribution tool and a maximum of 1 hour. In that hour I had to create an article and work some magic on it to ensure that the distributed articles were teated as unique.

You can see the first 2 videos and reports If you look at the posts which were posted under The lab Category. The final video is below.

Before I discuss the tool I used it’s probably worth while having a look at the final video.

The results are quite Impressive and I’ll definitely be using the the tool for the next few months. It wasn’t all perfect and I came a cross a few problems which have since been sorted out. Below is an excerpt of the review I wrote for the site member. As with all product reviews I try to highlight the Good parts as well as the Bad parts.

Article Market Tool Review

Unique Article Wizard

UAW uses a different method of making every article submitted unique than most tools in that it doesn’t rely on synonyms and the article actually turn out reading like original articles. When you sign up you are required to sign an NDA so I can’t reveal it here which is a bit strange as I have used exactly same method in another easily available tool.

Cost: $37 month 1 and then $47 from the on (thats a special at the moment not sure when it goes upto $67)

The reason it’s a monthly cost is that they manually review your articles before submitting them and it is server based so there is ongoing costs. I don’t usually like monthly payments but In this case I can accept the logic behind it. Plus you get the benefit of having your articles verified by a human.

Value for Money: Pretty good. Even at $47 or $67 per month I think this is good value. I try to submit 2 articles per day so it’s less that $1 a day to get a unique article sent to 200-300 sites. Once on the sites they also get picked up by website owners..Try buying 200 links for that much.

Does it Work: Yes, so far. The new site I tested with was indexed quickly and there are now lots of links to the unique authors name I used.
“Results 101 – 144 of 144 for “rune danton”” that is after Just 11 days…(including 5 days when there were problems- see below) If you’ve watched the vieo above you’ll have seen how that has grown in just another few weeks.

Additionally I can track 1 affiliate sale to an article I distributed I need to create a better tracking method. (Now 3 sales)

The adsense sites I distributed articles for are also performing better. One that had an article submitted 10 days ago made $3.96 yesterday…. It had been making that a month upto then It’s already made 91cents today.

Time Requirement: It takes about 50 minutes to 70 minutes for each article. I have been recycling old articles to speed things up. Compare this to writing an artice for your site and 1 for ezine articles and it’s not too bad.

Unexpected Bonuses. You can grab unique articles from the software to send to ezine articles and also to put on your site as well as the distributed articles as there are thousands of articles created. I would recommend submitting to ezine asap.

Problems: There were some problems to start with.. My articles were going out to only a few sites (60-70) and for 2 days none were distributed. I contaced the help desk and within an hour the article had been sent out and a bug had been found. They now go out to about 300 depending but the actual amount varies depending on the Topic.

They had to change their system last month as before they were submitting to article dashboard sites but they ran into a bit of trouble with some owners. This was because they could distribute the articles to the sites without the owners permission.

This was overcome by creating a plugin that the site owners have to install to get the articles. The number of distributions are now seeming to increasing almost daily. They are also working on a WordPress plugin (how useful will that be!! unique content direct to your blog!) and I’ve personally given them my plugins for ArticleMS so they can hopefully adapt them to be used on the 100 or so ArticleMS directories.

Documentation: The documentation is very good and consits of a number of videos If you are using the step by step wizard you have access to contextual videos.

How I use it: I recycle old articles and submit them for adsesne sites and affiliate landing pages. I then add unique content thats been created to my sites…so I not only get backlinks and traffic I get fresh new content on my site.

Recommended for: People who have time to submit an article a day and spend around an hour preparing it. There is a wizard that takes you through it step by step and this is all done online or you can just upload prepared articles. You can also outsource the article creation.
Not recommended for: People who don’t like writing articles or outsourcing You might use it for a day or two but then you’ll give up!

Affiliate Program: There is a 2 level affiliate program paying 40% on the first level and 10% on level 2 sales. 3 sales will cover your monthly fees.

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