Working Smarter Not Harder

By Mark / October 14, 2009

What aspects of Internet marketing do you enjoying doing? Keyword research? article writing? Building sites? promotion?

We all have our favorites, I was writing a report today and spent 5 hours just bashing the keyboard. I love dong that type of thing It challenges me and forces me to concentrate and generate Ideas on the fly. While I was doing what I enjoyed I had other people promoting sites and creating content for new sites.

It’s all about doing what you do well and off loading what you don’t do so well. When I first started in Internet Marketing I used to build auto generated sites to order for people, they’d pay me $10 and 20 minutes later they would have a site. I liked building sites (well pressing the build button!) and the money I earned helped to pay for me to expand my business far faster than I would have been able to. It also meant I didn’t need to find a real job.

Working smarter is all about doing what you enjoy doing , if you don’t like writing but like keyword research then offer a keyword research service, take the money you earn from that and pay a writer to write your content.

Any idiot can work harder, spend hours researching keywords, and doing nothing with them, creating beautiful looking blogs and not promoting them even buying the next shiny thing to come along that will make him his millions… and not acting on it.

Why not spend the next few days sorting out a business plan that will allow you to build your business and allow you to do what you want to do. If you can’t afford to outsource, build a site and sell it , then use the profits to build 4 sites and sell them. Then take you profit and hire a writer of a site promoter while you build your next sites.

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