Do You Want to Make Easy Money?

By Mark / October 25, 2009

Do You Want to make Easy Money?

If you answer the question above in the positive then you should probably look elsewhere. Internet Marketing is not a way to make easy money it isn’t now and it never has been. Don’t believe all the hype you read on salespages they are just that pages designed to one thing and one thing only sell you something and make you spend money.

I personally know of a couple of products with salespages showing large clickbank sales on a daily basis. What hasn’t been mentioned is that the sales are from selling a similar product on clickbank that had loads of affiliates promoting it. How is that going to help you?

Anyway back to the reason for this post Internet marketing is not easy but that’s not to say it can’t be profitable if you build your business on firm foundations. Find a process that works for you, analyse it and break it down into easy steps that can be quickly replicated. That will give you the basis of a business you can build over the months and years to come.

You also need to think long term, hardly a week goes by without someone emailing me and asking me if using the system in WordPress Goldmine will make them $500 a day within a month. When I tell them thats highly unlikely they usually reply that xxx says they can do that. I am to polite to tell them the owner of xxx is probably a lying cheating scammer!

Internet marketing is about building a long term strategy that works and that is flexible, you need to be able to adapt to the changing markets we work in and the regular changes in rules. Google regularly changes it’s algorithms which affects marketers on a regularly basis.Only last week ezinearticles announced changes that have affected lots of marketers. It’s quite possible that in the coming weeks those changes will affect me, however I already have systems in place that make ezinearticles not as significant to my business as they were 2 months ago.

If you take one thing from this post it should be that, Internet marketing is not about get rich quick or gaming the system and it’s not about short term profits. Internent marketing is about finding a long term approach that will work for you.

You need to balance buying every new product that comes out with investing in products that will help your business..(yes it should be a business, if you want a hobby take up needlepoint!). I regularly see people posting in forums that they won’t pay monthly subscriptions, why not? if a subscription costs you $30 and helps you make $100 then whats the problem? You pay monthly hosting fees theres not difference monthly subscriptions and payments for tools should be viewed as business expenses and are ultimatly tax deductible.

There are some tools that I couldn’t do without (Micro Niche Finder, Unique Article Wizard) and some that I waited far too long to buy (Market Samurai). Each of them helps me build a cohesive system and reduces the time it takes me to make a profit from a site. You don’t need hundreds of dollars to start your internet marketign business I started with les than $100 and through hard work got to where I am today, and if a lazy old bloke like me can do it so can you, just don’t think it’s easy!

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Dave from Flypark

I could not agree more. I ave been selling airport parking and aitport hotel parking online since 1998 and you just have to keep plugging away. Good content and getting your name about is a constant day to day activity.
If its too good to be true it always is, the trouble is we are all looking for an easier way and I have to admit I have been tempted in the past



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