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By Mark / November 26, 2009

I can’t beleive it’s been 3 weeks since I last posted anything here, time flies when you are enjoying yourself. So much has happened that I suppose I should update you, but first happy thanksgiving to all our my American readers,friends and aquaintances.

WordPress Goldmine has had some great additions in the past few weeks. First off several of the members are now providing writing services at a fixed rate of 1 cent per word, this has benefitted everyone. All the writers are hightly qualified and producing some truely excellent content quickly and on time.

We also have a member producing some of the best converting adsense themes you’ll find anywhere.In the few weeks since he launched them the thread has become one of the businest in the forum.

In additon one of the real sucess stories of the forum Chris has produced his first book Called the Crossroads Methodology it’s an excellent book and completely without hype or BS. I don’t recommend much but this is one book I think everyone should read. Chris only joined in July and in the few months since then has built a substantial business from what he’s learned. This isn’t your typical IM book Chris takes things you already know and turns them on their head.   His Confessions of a Newbie Internet marketer is also a much read thread in the forum and should be a must read for anyone who lacks motivation.

Recently we’ve also been looking at creating various tools and products for use of the members, 2 are still in the planning stage but one has made it to fruition and is being made freely available to the public.

Is My Site Indexed serves three purposes

1. It checkes if your site is indexed and shows you what google can see, which can be very useful for spotting errors

2. It gets new sites Indexed Quickly

3. It provides a number of anchor text back links to your Site.

Finally we recently passed out 1300th member and 18,000 post. Each month WordPress Goldmine Is going from strength to strength and redefining the meaning of over delivery and value. If you haven’t checked us out yet why not see what you are missing.

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