Internet Marketing On The Front Line

By Mark / December 10, 2009

Internet Marketing On The Front Line

Internet marketing is easy. There I said it, the genie is out of the bottle. It’s not complicated, you find a keyword, create some content and then drive traffic to that content where some people will buy from your site or click a link. What is complicated is all the layers and layers of complication marketers add to it so that you need to buy their products to decode it.

It’s not just internet marketers who do this , How do you lose weight?, it’s obvious isn’t it eat less and exercise more. Thats all there is to it so why is there thousands of lose weight products released every year.

Almost any aspect of internet marketing can be explained in a few sentances. For example list building, set up your autoresponeder, add some free products, send regular good quality emails.There is probably no need for any listbuilding product to be longer than 15 pages or a 30 minute video…but then it wouldn’t have perceived value and would have to sell for $17 and not the $97 a 200 page manual and 8 hours of video would sell for. The content is the same but you are paying an extra $80 for the fluff!

What can take time to explain is the technical aspect of things thats where products can prove their worth. A good product that shows you how to do something can be very valuable so before buying a product make sure that the technical aspect is well covered and there is support for any questions.

This brings me on to the real reason for todays post. The 2 types of internet marketers you will find. The First is the internent marketers who are actually doing what they teach, building sites, creating products, etc. There are what I call frontline marketers. I consider myself to be one of these. After I write this I’ll be getting backlinks for my blogs and researching new sites.

The 2nd type is the marketers who just create products for the sake of having something to sell. You’ll recognise them because you’ll be getting emails throughout the year where X promotes Y’s product and Y promotes z’s product then z promotes x’s product etc etc. The product will be big ticket items and be incredibly professional.

These guys have teams of writers and designers creating products out of thin air , it’s amazing to watch how they can turn a simple idea written on the back of an envelope into a multimedia $997 exstravaganza. They truly are the Alcamists of the 21st century.

It’s easy to be dazzled by their presentation skills you will believe that you need their products to succeed. But remember thousands of people buy these products…how many have you ever seen succeed? Also remember most of these guys profit comes from selling each others products NOT by implementing what they teach!

So next time before you buy anything make sure that the creator is practicing what he preaches!

2 things before I go.

I sat down yesterday afternoon with 2 of my online friends Paul Forcey and Peter Coughlin and we recorded a call. It was supposed to be a shortish chat about internet marketing but It stretched to over 2 hours. We covered loads of aspects about working in the IM field and you’ll find a few real gems of information in there. it’s also quite funny in places.

I’ve uploaded it as a podcast to where you can listen online or download it

Finally, I have bitten the bullet and decided to build a subscribers list (no it won’t be constant emails saying “buy this”!) I’ll be using it to send out regular tips , advice and updates and release various research reports I have planned. You’ll see the sign up box on the right hand side of this post and as a blatant bribe you’ll get a copy of my Resource Box Report.

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Henry Kunz


Thanks for another interesting post. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed anyway but I would happily join your list as you’re one of the few (I can count them on one hand) Internet Marketers that I respect.

My head is spinning from all the crap I receive on a daily basis from the Type 2’s!



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