Shame on You Chris C…

By Mark / October 15, 2007

Over the past week I have been receiving almost daily email from Chris Crompton encouraging me to purchase Ed Dales $2400 Dominiche course. Now this may be the best value course available but thats not the issue I have. The issue I have is with Chris’s promotion of the product.

In his 5th email where he offers a $547 discount he says..

“Why am I willing to give up my commission?

Well, the primary reason I’m promoting this is that I need to sell

4 copies before they will send me a copy… and I want my copy!

I’ve sold three.

I need to sell one more.”


So let me get this right Chris you want me to buy a copy so you can get your own copy for free.. Why don’t you buy it like the rest of us? Afterall you’ve already made $1600 promoting it! More importantly why are you promoting something that you haven’t actually checked out yet?

Maybe the rest of us who are trying to make an honest living on the Internet are doing it wrong by actually checking things out before we promote them..

Now Is it just me or does this Stink? I will be happy to take back my comments and apologise to Chris If I the majority of the people who read this think I am wrong about this..

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Mark, I got the same email and felt the same way you do about his “someone buy another so I can get it for free” attitude. Didn’t sit well with me.

However, the buying before you promote – I don’t know. Perhaps in the IM niche that should be the golden rule but then so many who push IM products to their lists get the product for free anyway that I’m not sure it matters. They push it cause they are going to make money regardless of how they get it. How can they possibly have time to actually try out what they push to see if it really works? I think you are rather an exception to the rule.

But in all the non-IM niches that we IMers market, seems you would be out a lot of bucks buying all the products first before you market them. Maybe I’m thinking of this the wrong way?


John Chan

Hi Mark,

Well said indeed.

What we need is down to earth folks like yourself that we can trust who will make money with integrity – well maybe it’s my personal preference but I think I’ve had enough of seeing how these marketers mess around with the money of those who trust their recommendation already.

Yeah right…who doesn’t want money anyway. But earn it with grace and integrity – at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself to do and I enjoy it.

But don’t be mistaken that this mentality will restrict the amount of money you make though because more and more people appreciate this way of doing business and feel comfortable dealing with you and thus bring you even more business too.

Just my 2 cents in Hong Kong currency…;-)



I felt the same way, however, I felt even worse to see the price of Dominiche increased to over $2000 when it came out. During the promotion it was advertised as $1497, or three payments of $600, with a 90 day guarantee. On launch day it was suddenly $2300 with a 30 guarantee.

This is one of the reasons I’ve stopped just about all my email guru subscriptions–now I may just cancel them all. It’s just the same BS over and over, the only difference is a new name for the “pot of gold” product.



Wouldn’t you be annoyed if you were one of the 3 who paid the full price?

I suppose part of him thinks he will get points for honesty.

I agree with Bruce the price did move up a lot when it was finally up for sale.

Mark is honest, but online that means he aint making the lumps of cash that the “gurus” are (probably).




I agree with you Mark – this is a stupid way to promote something. Even if his intent was to get that free copy for himself, he ought to have the class to keep that to himself. Why would I shell out almost $2000 so he can avoid doing that himself?

I agree with Sandra to a certain degree. I think it’s unrealistic to buy everything you promote in every market you’re in. But I do think it’s important to do so in certain markets.

If I’m promoting a trampoline (for example), I can be fairly sure that it works the way they say it does. You get up on it, jump a bit and you’ll bounce.

But if I’m promoting a product in the internet marketing niche that is claiming to explain a system for making money I believe I need to do some due diligence before recommending it to anyone. I’ve seen too many crappy products that have nothing going for them except a great sales letter to recommend anything sight unseen. (In fact, that’s one of the policies on my blog – I only post affiliate links to stuff I’ve tested and believe in.)

Same goes for weight loss, non-IM biz opp stuff and other markets that are targeted at people looking for some kind of magic bullet.

I don’t know any of Chris Crompton’s stuff and don’t get his emails, but in my experience about 95% of the internet marketing gurus eventually “jump the shark” ( with some promotion. I’m down to 2 or 3 newsletters that I’m still subscribed to and could probably list 50 or so people that I would never deal with again because of some promotion or another that they ran.




I really would be annoyed if I’d paid the full price and I’d be demanding a refund or at the very least the promise of a rebate. It doesn’t look like a very well thought out strategy


Matt Garrett

I believe it’s a dangerous and foolish course to promote something that you haven’t checked out first yourself, and I don’t see how you can honestly “recommend” something to others if you haven’t seen/used it yourself.

I made the mistake of promoting something that I hadn’t read/tried out first around 18 months ago and it came back to bite me in the bum.

Lesson learnt.

Since then I only promote stuff that I can read/try out first. I guess I’m lucky enough to have had 7 years experience in the “IM” market, so have a fairly good idea of what’s good and what’s not.

Having this “ethical” attitude to what I promote can be expensive and does at times limit what I can promote. I’d love to promote Dominiche, but I can’t simply because I can’t afford to buy it for myself right now, so I won’t.

It does get easier as your reputation as an affiliate marketer & potential JV partner increases as you get more stuff for free, but you need to promote ethically (imho) to build that reputation.

Idid a post a while back on one of my blogs to show the pile of stuff that I had bought or been given (about 70% bought and 30% “evaluation”/freebie copies) to show my list and try to explain that I feel my job as an affiliate marketer is to check it all out to save them spending money on the “crap”.

I see it as my “job” to be their “crap Filter”.

you can see the pile of reports here:

and that’s just those that I printed out, it doesn’t include software, membership site’s etc.

I actually find it a lot easier to promote stuff that I’ve read/tried as I know what it’s strength’s and wekanesses are and if I get any questions from my subscribers I can actually answer them. My readers seem to appreciate this.

and the most succesful days I’ve had have been when I’ve recommended something that I’ve used and had success with personally simply because I can back it up with my own results.

Having said all that, I have to qualify the above comments/opinion with the fact that I still have some old (built 3-5 years ago) affiliate niche sites promoting products in other (non-IM) markets that I haven’t tried out, not many though and they are sites that I no longer promote and am slowly weeding out of my portfolio.

Matt garrett


Chris Crompton

Wow, I didn’t realize this is how people felt. I actually didn’t make any money promoting it… as I said in the email I am giving my commission back to the purchasers.

I promoted it because I’ve purchased materials from Ed Dale in the past and knew he produced valuable materials. I thought the fact that I’d promote it and make no money except simply getting a course out of the deal was testimony to the value of the materials… but I guess it just came across tacky.

– Chris Crompton


Mal Sinclair

I am looking for anyone who is a member of dominiche so I can chat about the program. Yo a little help ? Did any of you guys actually shell out to buy in? Thanks – Mal


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