Planning Your Goals For The Coming Year

By Mark / December 31, 2009

This time every year I sit down and put together a list of things I want to achieve the following year. The at the end of the year I look back and see how much i actually achieved. Looking back now at last years list it looks like I managed to achieve most of them.

Some I surpassed , some I didn’t quite achieve and some I never really started. But none of that matters what matters is that I have a plan to work to. This give me structure and stops me wandering aimlessly in circles darting from one project to another.

The key is to try to think longterm, I get constantly reminded that it doesn’t really matter what happens next month as long as the results are achieved in the long term. Recently sites I have built 3 or 4 months ago have started to earn some good income with very little input from me.

How many times have you started a hobby or an exercise program but given up after a few weeks because you aren’t seeing results? Think what position you’d be in now if you’d continued. It’s the same with Making money online , how many sites or projects have you started but not finished. If you’d started building just 1 site a week 2 years ago you’d have over 100 now and would potentially making a few hundred dollars a day?

Plan Ahead -Think Longterm

Here are a few practical things that might help you get your plan together.

1. Believe in Yourself and Think Longterm

2. Get yourself a white board if you don’t already have one.

3. Change the wallpaper on your PC to something you really want.

4. Remove email and IM tools from autostart. And set your default setting for IM to Busy or off line.

5. Have realistic monthly targets If you are earning $100 a month now don’t aim for $100,000 by march. When I first started I tried to double my income for the first 3 or 4 months then grow it 10-20% per month. Some of the members of Wpgoldmine find it good to bring forward the date that they make their targets every month so that they have to achieve it one day earlier each month.

6. Focus on income streams that use your strengths. Try to develop new strengths

7. Use as many free tools as you can.

8. Set a monthly budget for tools and reports. Don’t exceed it. You don’t need every tool that comes out.

9. Every Dollar you don’t spend means that profit is a dollar closer. So concentrate on value for money.

10. Cancel mailing list subscriptions if they aren’t giving you valuable information. if all you ever get is sales letters leave.

Some of the guys in the wordpress goldmine forum are going to try to build 100 sites in 100 days, thats a very ambitious goal but I have no doubt that with the mutual support they are providing some of them will do it. Personally my goals for the next year are simpler.

100 new adsense sites

20 new clickbank sites

4 new products in clickbank

Continue to strive to make WordPress Goldmine the BEST value membership site in the world!

Happy New year Here to taking Action in 2010

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Hi Mark

Thanks for the good advice.

What size is your white board? 🙂

All the best




It’s quite big, I actually have 3 which i use for different things



Hi Mark
Mark you mention Adsense sites.
Google banned my account because of illegal clicking. Now while i don’t deny this i will just say that this was about 6 months ago and i knew virtually nothing about internet marketing and adsense.

I put up a blogger blog with adsense, I had no idea of how serious google took clicking ads which i have to say now was quite naive of me. I did only click ads twice believe it or not.

I remember my finger hovering over one particular ad, and i clicked it. Not thinking i will make some money here but it was rather like being hypnotized by a flame and you almost find yourself placing your hand in that flame before you come to your senses.(does that make any sense)

Now i did write to google but of course i got no reply so i’m not certain if they received it or not.
Mark is it worth pursuing or should i forget about it. A useful stream of income that is denied me because of a bit of stupidity on my part. That said i do understand googles point of view as well.


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