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By Mark / January 25, 2010

WordPress Goldmine is 2 years old in February and to celebrate I’ve set up a special offer. But before I let you know the link here are a few reasons why you should consider joining us.

WordPress goldmine is now a forum based format that gives members the opportunity to have their questions and problems answered quickly and more importantly correctly. I had several people ask me why they should pay for a forum when there are free forums available such as the warrior forum and digitalpoint. The answer to that is simple…

Everyone who joins WordPress goldmine share a common goal ..to create an online income. They have decided to do something about it unlike many of the people who frequent free forums they want to succeed. The problem with free forums is that a lot of the people are very negative and take great pleasure in spreading incorrect information and starting arguements. If you want an environment conducive to learning then choose a forum with a fee.

You really can’t believe much of what you hear in free forums, hardly a day goes past that someone doesn’t start a question to me with…My friend has been told that….. invariably what they have been told is half thruths and speculation.

Another reason why WordPress Goldmine is worth far more than the cost is that it is at the cutting edge of internet marketing. Within wordpress goldmine members are discussing ideas and coming up with solutions to problems that many people haven’t realised exist yet.

Finally being a member of wordpress goldmine saves you money. Where else can you find top quality articles written by highy qualified writers for 1 cent a word, where else do you find products being sold by the creators for a fraction of what non members pay.

Myself and the members strongly believe that WordPress goldmine is the best Internet marketing Forum bar none. So here is your chance to find out.

Why not grab the Special $1 trial and see just how a forum can help you succeed online whether you are new to internet marketing or experienced you’ll be welcome.

Find Out More at http://wpgoldmine.com/SpecialOffer/

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Raymond Selda

I don’t really need to join any membership programs right now because I’m already a Wealthy Affiliate member. But I heard so many wonderful things about WPGM and I’m really excited to learn your techniques and interact with the forum. See you soon Mark.



Raymond, you’d be very surprised by the number of members who join from WA and then drop their WA membership. I used to love the WA forum and consider it a huge compliment to be even mention in the same sentance


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