When Will Your Next $100 Day Be?

By Mark / February 20, 2010

Yesterday I was having a really bad day…well bad is probably a wrong choice of words compared to some peoples trouble it was nothing,so annoying is probably more appropriate. I’d been promised a delivery, it didn’t turn up, I’d had to deal with a “client from hell” who after downloading all the downloads in the forum , asking me for a downloadable copy of all the videos and then asking me indepth essay length questions almost everyday for a month..did a charge back of 6 months subscriptions. So as you can imagine I was in a pretty foul mood. This last person really had me questioning my choice of career!

I then went into the wordpress goldmine forum and checked the days posts.. The first I read was from one of our long term members and revealed how she had just had her first $100 day. The second was from a newer member who had made her $100 for the month target 2 days earlier this month than last month. Funny how my foul mood soon disapeared.

So what do these 2 members have in common, well apart from being women they both work at their businesses almost everyday. They set themselves a plan and targets and stick to them. They know that internet marketing is not a get rich quick business model, but they also know that the more you work at it the more money you earn.

What can you learn from them?…everything! You can read my book and watch my videos and you’ll know how to make money online but it’s members like these two and hundreds more that will keep you motivated and focussed on a daily basis.

You learn from them and the other successful members that if you focus and set realistic targets then you will achieve success. The simplest way is one we use a target we regularly in the forum, to try to earn $100 1 day earlier every month. If you stick to that simple target you’ll be suprised at how quickly the date comes down and before long you’ll be adjusting your target to $1000.

So congratulations to Heather and Rachel and also a special congratulations to Niurka who had a baby last week…and posted in the foum from the hospital (I did mention the members were dedicated didn’t I!). We have a few more forum babies due this month or next so it looks like we’ll be installing a creche.

As you can probably see from this post the WordPress goldmine forum is like a big family, we support and encourage each other. If you think this is the type of environment in which you’ll be able to build your online business then why not give us a try, you can still get in on a $1 trial.

Finally if you want to read a great blog with good common sense and no hype check out Heathers blog at http://myworkathomeblog.net/

If you really want to get to $100 a day and you are prepared to work and have realistic targets come and pay us a visit, I guarantee you a warm welcome and as much help and advice as you’ll need.

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Making money online consistently requires dedication and many hours of hard work every day. There are many things that need to be done right and done daily to get online traffic to one’s business. Success online start with a plan and strong believe in the business.. Sticking to the plan and working hard to build traffic eventually will pay off. Internet marketing is not a get rich quick business. And, the more one works at it the more money one earns.


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well of course, everyone loves to get rich but not everyone would love to do hard work .”.


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