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By Mark / October 17, 2007

If you have a blog getting new unique content can be a bit of a problem and pretty time consuming. However there is a solution that might work for you and it’s free.

If you have read some of the other posts in the blog you’ll know I recently did an article marketing experiment where I used Unique Article Wizard to submit unique articles to lots of site. The experiment worked well and since then things have moved on. Dr Noel Swanson and the team at UAW have added a number of free plugins that allow you to add the unique articles to your blog or article directory.

The benefits of this are 2-fold.

If you are a publisher your article will get much wider distribution. Imagine what the impact will be if you got syndicated to all the article directories and to hundreds of blogs! Obviously it will take a while for people to start adding their blogs but over time this will be a fantastic addition.

If you are a site owner you will get unique content posted to your site along with the opportunity of having your affilaite link on each article. You could run adsense on your site and maybe a related affilaite program and never worry about having to add content. The articles are pre checked by the team at UAW so you know the quality will be good. It could be like having your own ezinearticles site.

You can download the plugins here:

and the FAQ is here:

Here is What Noel said in a recent email..

“BTW, this is really cool: While testing the WordPress plugin, I kept getting trackback comments from sites that had picked up the articles from my WordPress blogs via the RSS feeds!

Yes, my WordPress received an article, pinged the RSS feeders, the article got syndicated to various sites, and my WordPress site got a link back!”

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Hi Mark,

Gabrielle here. I was down for a while since my computer got eaten up by a trojan in the wild. And today I stopped by for a visit to your site . . . Wow, you never cease to amaze me. You are just rockin and rollin with lots of great info for us to learn by.

Thanks for all you do for us newbies on the block.



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