3 Must Have WordPress Plugins

By Mark / February 22, 2010

It seems that every time I go online these days some programming genius has developed a new plugin for wordpress. So I thought that it was time that Ii showed you 3 of my favorite ones of recent months.

The first is a WordPress backup plugin that uploads to your Amazon S3 account.  Amazon S3 is an online storage facility provides by amazon that will cost you cents to implement, it really is a great option for backups at a cost that won’t break the bank. The plugin is called Automatic WordPress Backup and is available  for free.  If you value your blogs then you really should be backing them up and an automatic system like this is ideal.

The second Plugin is one that was developed by a member of the wordpress Goldmine forum in response to a problem we identified there.  Last month I posted a video which showed how sites like ezinearticles often failed to get all your articles indexed. You can read it and watch the video at: http://mjthompson.net/445/are-you-an-article-marketer/

As a result you are wasting up to half your articles as they weren’t getting back-links or generting traffic for you. You were literally throwing money away.

Peter developed an indexing plugin that fixed this problem, not only for ezinearticles but anyplace where you have content and a feed.  By simply adding your feed to the plugin you will help get those articles indexed quickly,  when they are indexed the plugin ignores them and moves onto the next article. Pure genius!

However thats not all as a bonus you get what is by far my favorite plugin at the moment. Install it in your blog and It will tell you what keywords are used to find your blog AND where you rank in google for that keyword. Allowing you to focus on promoting the keywords that matter.

You can get details Of peters plugins at: Indexing Tool

Here is  a short Video that will show you the Plugins in more detail

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Kent F

Hi Mark – do the plug-ins come free with a WP Goldmine membership? Thanks – Kent F.



The first is a free plugin, the 2nd 2 are premium plugins but WPG members got a discount. not sure if thats still the case i’ll need to check with paul.


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