5 Truths About Internet Marketing

By Mark / March 7, 2010

One of my favorite speeches from any film is Jack Nicholson’s from A Few Good Men

Kaffee: I want the truth
Col Jessop: You Can’t Handle The truth

So as a warning I am going to brutally honest in this post and if you don’t want the truth or can’t handle the truth then please go and watch some funny clips on You Tube and continue dreaming about your bright future in Internet marketing, because that is what it will be a dream.

Truth #1

You can’t go straight from $0 to $10,000 a month.

Despite what many people will have you believe it’s just not going to happen. You can however go from $0 to $1 then $1 to $10 then $10 to $100 then $100 to …. etc

Truth #2

You have to learn the basics, actually not just learn them you need to master them. It doesn’t matter what you are doing to earn your money online there are a few skills you need to master

You need to be able to pick a good niche

You need to be able to get traffic

You need to be able to connect with people through your words or videos.

Or you need to be able to pay people who can do it for you.

Truth #3

You need to stop being big on thoughts and empty on deeds. In the words of Nike: Just Do IT. Put aside a certain amount of time a day and spend that time developing your business it doesn’t matter if you work full time you can still find time to work at IM. If you can’t then admit defeat and walk away IM is not for you. I’ve talked to several friends who make money full time doing internet marketing and it seems we all have one thing in common we don’t watch that much TV. Personally I watch less than 5 hours a week. Turn off your TV and Take action.

Truth #4

Internet Marketing is fun. It really is, learn it, master it and you’ll go to work with a smile on your face and look forward to what the day will bring. Internet Marketing is a new business with so many possibilities that if you are open to new opportunities you can generate income from out of no where at least thats what it seems to outsiders

Truth #5

This stuff is easy so long as you take action.

Take Action – Find a Niche
Take Action – Build a site
Take Action – Promote the site
Take Action – Pay the money you earned into your bank
Take Action – Rinse and Repeat

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Paul Forcey

All of them are good ones, especially number 3

We pay $50 a month for cable and my wife worked out that it ends up costing us around $5 an hour most months for the amount we watch that we couldnt get on on the normal channels.

Take into account that many shows are available online the day after they are broadcast and it seems even more silly to pay $50 a month for something that sucks your brain dry with adverts..


Free Classifieds Blog

So, true. And it reminds me Sethc Godin’s post “Tell me what to do” Many IMers think there is a magic bullet and if somebody will show them, money will start falling from the sky. But it does not happen like that. The baby steps that we take today, make our destination that much closer tomorrow.



I like #4. Internet Marketing is fun and there are tons of stuff to learn. Internet Marketing can be learned and there are so many possibilities for new opportunities to generate income online. The key is to learn and master the basics.


Robert Corrigan

Hi Mark this is really sound advice, I started a year ago and the most important thing is the action step, nothing ever happens without this. Just do it learn the skills as you go along, there is an amazing amount of information to help when you start, but it is so eay to get side tracked by the hype.

Great Advice




Too true Mark.

Here’s a variation on number 3: Learning things won’t make you any money.

It’s way too easy to fool yourself that learning something new is progress, but the knowledge won’t improve your bank balance one little bit. You can buy as many internet marketing courses and ebooks as you like, but you won’t ever see success until you start applying the knowledge i.e. taking action..


Mike Russen

Greetz from Ireland – long time no hear from y’all

As usual Mark you hit the nails on the head, couldn’t agree more with you – I went one better and got rid of my mobile phone, the peace from just doing that means I do not have to listen to twaddle and get text messages that mean noting, except wasting my time.

When I lived in your part of the world didn’t have a telly either, used to go to pubs for the occassional rugby match etc.

Anyway as always good luck to you and yours, I must make the effort to come down to Espania and buy you a beer mate.




Henry Kunz


This is an excellent post – so true and straight down the line!

Not having any guidance on entering the IM arena some months ago, I burnt my fingers investing in a dubious training program. This has made me reluctant to invest in any other programs until I’ve earned some money. Although it taught me the basics, it also succeeded in getting my Adsense account disabled.

One big lesson I’ve learned is how to tell the trustworthy guys from the scumbags. Although I’ve narrowed it down to about five individuals, it is still tempting to read about the ridiculous claims like earning $10,000 in 4 days on auto pilot and getting $3,000 worth of free goodies should you join prior to the launch date! I think it’s important that one should be strong enough to immediately unsubscribe from such lists, as they are serious time wasters.


Flip Websites


Great info as always. It’s posts like this that make you one of my favorite IMer’s to follow and emulate. You are all about no hype and all reality. It’s refreshing!

I just wanted to add a tip pertaining to #3 – you can still watch TV but record your favorite shows and watch them during your “free time” only. I watch a lot of TV but NEVER live. A one-hour show takes me around 40 minutes to watch because I can fast forward past the commercials or even the boring parts of the show. I reserve my TV time right before I go to bed so I can unwind.



John Lenaghan

@ Peter: You said “Learning things won’t make you any money” – I’ll add that learning things is not doing work. It took me a long time to realize that studying all the latest and greatest ebooks, videos, etc. is not actually doing work. Work is what puts money in your pocket.

I agree with Travis – I watch a fair bit of TV but almost never live. I typically buy my favorite shows on DVD and watch them that way. It means I’m usually a season behind, but there’s no commercials and if there are big cliffhanger episodes, I can find out what happens next right away 🙂


Mike Foster

I agree Faliure is NOT BAD i have tried some things and failed at internet marketing but come away the wiser for it 🙂


Foolish Fish

My biggest problem is that I keep jumping from this to that basically being attracted by anything that glitters. The end result is that I achieve nothing.


Chris Robbins

Have just recieved your 5 steps to success video, probably the best advice i have recieved to date, have been online for 5 months working at it every day. I wish I had seen this 5 months ago it would have saved me a lot of time and stopped me from getting dispondant about my small site in the vast universe of the internet.
I had just come to the conclusion (after 5 months!) that I needed to concentrate on this one niche till I get it right. The site has been up since January and I made 2 sales in the last 2 weeks (my first ever sales made $67 which is just over 10 cents an hour for all the hours that I have put in so far). I write articles on ezine, go articles and about 3 others with links to various pages on my site I just do nnot know what else to do to drive traffic (not even sure waht drive means) to get to the next level. There are of course 100’s of sites that for a few peices of silver will show me how (more distractions!). I need to make some money as I have no other income at the moment so finding out about this traffic thing is vital for me




Congratulations on the 2 sales. It is often said in IM that the most expensive sale you’ll ever make is the first one.
Start to analyse which articles are working and which aren’t then create more of the ones that work. Also check your stats to see what other keywords are being used to find your sites.


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