Why Mindset Matters

By Mark / March 11, 2010

I’ve just finished uploading a new podcast to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wordpress-goldmine

This was recorded a couple of hours ago and it features Paul Forcey and myself talking about why Mindset is so important, we cover 5 basic points


Why do you want to be an Internet Marketer?

Short term Goals Vs Long Term Goals

Why Failure is Not BAD!

Working at what you want to work at.

You can listen online or download it , we also hope to have it in iTunes in a week or two.

The next call will probably talk about setting up simple processes and how to work smarter and we will soon hope to have a live interactive show

Tell us what you would like to hear…and tell us what you think of this latest show by leaving a comment below.

Finally as this show is about mindset you really should check out Mark Lyfords Millionaire Challenge blog Mark is an example someone who has the right mindset and is working every hour he can to build a business.  I find his work ethic inspirational and I am quite surprised that a TV channel hasn’t picked up on his story and created a reality TV show around it!

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