The Circus is in Town – Look at All The Clowns.

It looks like the big name marketers have a new toy and intend to play with it and intend to abuse it until it breaks. Yet another launch this week following in the steps of Video boss, List control, Mainstreet marketing.

Now we have Outsource Force from John Reese. Let me guess it will be $1997 course spread over 8 weeks showing you how to outsource. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz Same Old Same Old, here comes the bandwagon jump on board.

The thing that made me laugh out loud is that as well as being promoted by the usual suspects John Jonas who has his own course on outsourcing is promoting it.

Yes you read that right, a marketer with his own outsourcing course is promoting someone else’s course about outsourcing. Oh the Irony! Of course he also manages to damn the course with faint praise in his first email…

“A couple months ago I helped John Reese get started outsourcing to the Philippines.”

I am sure John Reese has been outsourcing for years but the comment above makes it look as if you’ll be paying $2000 to someone who has 2 months experience at outsourcing.

Now you don’t think a marketer would build a course around something he knows very little about would you? <==== More irony!!

So John Jonas If you read this tell us… Is John Reeses course better than yours or are you just promoting a course you haven’t seen for the $1000 commission? You have a good product so why act like a $10 Hooker.

Every Time I see this crap happening I get an Image of a nature program I saw about Vultures fighting over the carcass of an antelope trying to get the juiciest bits, the only problem is to these guys we are the carcass.

(There’s 5 more marketers that won’t promote WordPress Goldmine! :) )

Now it’s you money so you can spend it as you want. If you want to spend $1997 learning to outsource then that’s fine by me but there are much cheaper options (there is even a free step by step to outsourcing in the WordPress goldmine Forum). But whatever you do make sure you learn from people who are actually doing this stuff day after day and sharing what they learn.

Despite What some marketers seem to think Internet Marketing Is not just about trying to screw ever cent out of peoples pockets. In the right environment it can be about testing and sharing and helping people.

One of our members Chris wrote the Crossroads Methodology which is a guide about marketing to main street businesses. Another Member took what he learned from that made a few minor tweaks and last month won $34,000 worth of contracts. He then shared his methods.

You can and will make money from Internet marketing but please don’t feel you have to buy every product that comes out especially If there are much better cheaper options available!

Be careful out there and sorry for the mixed metaphors! I would really welcome your Comments on this…Am I right or just over reacting?

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