Thinking Outside the Box

By Mark / August 4, 2006

I suppose I really should have started with this post.. Whats MY definition of thinking outside the box. Now I am sure other people are going to have differing views but for me it’s a case of finding what others are doing and then taking it that 1 step further. Finding newer unfamiliar ways to achieve a result sometimes they fail miserably other times they are a rampant success.

I’ve been asked by a few people why do I share the techiniques I come up with, for me it’s simply a matter of having my theories proved, my success (or failures) might just be luck but if 3 or 4 people actually succeed then I know I am on the right track. I am also asked if I am worried about competition…No! As was pointed out in a forum recently after I posted a complete system for getting 100’s of new links only about 5% of people will take action.

Taking action is what this Blog and my Newsletter is all about. I would love for everyone of you reading this to start out performing me and earning more because I’ve motivated you to get off your asses. I don’t want anything in return ..well actually I do If I’ve managed to motivate you to try different methods of online income and you start to increase you income I want you to try to motivate 1 or 2 others especially if you have families with teenagers or nephews and nieces start with them..

Ok enough of the hippy dippy stuff..I am off to hug a tree.. But before I go..

Take Action Point.. (you’ll see a few of these throughout the blog)..Just Do It NOW
Log into your account in Google. Under “Try Something New” you’ll find a button called alerts. Click on it. This will allow you to set up alerts on various subjects. Take a niche or something you are interested in create a new blog or add a blog to a related site. Now everytime you recieve an alert from google add it to the blog…You are now on your way to building an authority site. You have fresh upto date news. Think outside the box..and use this to it’s full advantage.

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