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By Mark / October 29, 2007

When you submit an article to an article directory you benefit from the back links and possible traffic. The owner of the site benefits by potentially being able to earn money from viewers clicking on the Adsense Ads. Up to now this has worked well but it’s all about to change.

What if I told you that you could earn 50% of that Adsense income for each article you submitted? Would you be interested?

What If I then told you that for each article that you submitted a snippet of 500 words plus your resource box would get distributed around 33% of a network of article sites. Obviously your adsense code would also be included. Would you be interested now?

What if I told you that that Network had many PR 4, PR5, and PR6 sites in it and more were being added all the time.

What if I told you that you could earn 10% of the adsense income of any one who you referred to the network. Interested yet?

OK I’ll assume I have you attention now. A new article network is being launched today called The Article Sense. It allows you to submit articles for free and receive 50% of the Adsense income generated. 10% goes to the referrer and the final 40% goes to the site owner. This is all done by a revenue sharing program which rotates the AdSense codes every time a page is shown. This doesn’t violate any of googles terms and conditions and has been used on many sites for a few years.

Not only do you get to add an article you can also embed a video in it as well this has the effect of keeping people on your page longer.

You can also sign up and purchase an article site for yourself if you wish and benefit from 40% of the earnings of each article, you’ll also receive articles from around the network.

To find out more have a look at The Article Sense (if you get a problem viewing with firefox just refresh the page)

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Blondie Writes

I have heard about this article directory, but was kinda waiting to see how it works for others. I currently submit to article directories, but I would be interested in making money as well.


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great tip, thanks


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