All Hail The Worlds Greatest Failure

Ask any classroom of children who discovered America and the majority will probably say Christopher Columbus. However one thing is certain of all the people who may be credited with it Columbus’s claim is the least valid. Young Chris was a total failure, 4 times he left Spain To find a way to India and China and failed 4 times. On one occasion he was returned to Spain in chains. In fact his greatest success seems to be that his sailors managed to introduce Small pox to the West Indies and syphilis to Europe.

But none of that really matters despite being an abject failure he should still be a role model to us all. He never gave up and when people said , you can’t sail west wards around the world he said, “Just watch me try”.

One of the new members in the Forum inspired this blog post, she said that she’d been trying to make it at IM for a long while but as soon as she had researched a topic and decided to start (I’m Paraphrasing here) she’d read a Forum post which said xxx doesn’t work and she’d give up and look for something new.

I am sure some of you can relate to some of that, the over analysis of a method or the hoards of people who say XXX doesn’t work. Some forums are full of crap like that. I regularly go to the warrior forum and every day I see people write total bull and write it as if it’s fact. The trouble is some people actually believe them and if you point out what the say is wrong you risk getting flamed and banned.

Generally I find there are 2 types of people in IM Those that actually knuckle down and work day after day at making an income and those that study and analyse and find reasons not to work. I’ll give you one guess who earns more!

Go and get that spirit of Columbus get out there and do something today.

In last weeks podcast I challenged everyone who listened to it to outsource 1 task that day, even if it was only getting 10 backlinks from for $5 (if you haven’t checked it out yet do so!). So today i am going to issue another challenge…

If you are one of the people who over analyses things, today buy a domain and add a blog to it. It doesn’t matter what the blog is about don’t even bother doing any keyword research just find a keyword based domain and build a blog.

Finally a small gift for you: I’ve dramatically up dated my “Quick and Easy Site Promotion” Guide you can get it for free from nothing to subscribe to just download it.

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AS ever I welcome your comments

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OMG – I just checked out fiverr and I believe I could get addicted!


Jason Call

Mark that is a great post.. I love that story very inspirational.. lol.. So my buddy works at an Indian Gaming facility out here in CA One day a guy calls him and asks if they are open on Columbus day…hahhahaha… that guy was one wheatie short of a bowl.. — I love the Thomas Edison Story too – he failed over 10,000 times before he succeeded with the light bulb..In order to succeed.. You Must FAIL!!!


paul nicholls

if there is one thing that really annoys me and thats people piping up and giving out the wrong information when they clearly dont make anything themselves. The warrior forum is exactly that, i think ive made about 3 posts ever in there

i think most of the people in there dont make anything but they just like to pipe up and put there 2 pence worth in. But looking at it from a positive angle, if people think clickbank or amazon or adsense is dead etc thats just for money, less competition for those of us that choose to ignore it all and take action 🙂 🙂


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