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By Mark / June 11, 2010

As the WordPress Goldmine Forum approaches it’s 2nd birthday I wanted to highlight some of the amazing offers the members have access to. This is not just offers of software and products but really great deals on top quality articles and site building.

Would you be happy to pay 1 cent a word for a great quality native English speaker to write your content? Our members are!

Would you be happy to pay $5 for someone to build your site for you?

How about a Voice over or a salespage these are all offers that out members have access to within the forum.

Add that to the helpful members who are happy to share their successes and failures… you won’t believe what Paul did last week! 🙂 and you have an Internet Marketing forum that I am convinced give the best value available.

Why not check out what we have to Offer you’ really won’t regret it.

Special Offer $1 Trial

Join through Clickbank

Oh and members get 50% affiliate commission so 2 sales and you’ve covered your $19.97 costs

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Scott Denham


Do you monitor the post in your forum? The Warrior Forum is extremely active but as you stated it sometimes is sprinkled with some BS. You seem like an honest man who really want’s to help people learn IM. Does your forum cover a wide range of IM choices? I have been bumming with Squidoo and Ezine Articles.

I have made a few sales but I really want to crank up the effort in July. I’m probably going to purchase both a keyword tool and article spinner to help me out. If I’m going to sign up could you tell me what makes your forum so much better than the Warrior Forum which is free?





I am in there 3 or 4 hours a day monitoring posts and giving advice as are many of the members… I think the forum is much better because of the help and advice that is freely shared and the fact that everyone is happy to help out… why not join on the $1 trial and check it out… I am happy to refund you that $1 if you don’t agree that it’s better than any other forum you’ve used


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