Blatant Self Promotion

By Mark / October 31, 2007

I thought it was time that I did a bit of blatant self promotion. As you can see on the right of this article there is a link to The Income Academy Membership Site. Now you may have not noticed it or not clicked on it or not even been interested in finding out what it is. So I thought It was about time that I told you myself.

The first thing you should know is that for the next 25 members who join it’s only $9.99 per month.After that it goes up to $19.99 There will only ever be 200 active members. Don’t let the low price fool you I know of memberships that cost $97 or $67 per month that offer much less.

The First question I should answer is: Why so cheap?

I passionately believe that everyone should be given a fair chance of earning money online, despite what many marketers tell you you don’t need expensive e-books or tools just guidance and advice. Most of the methods and blueprints we use don’t need much money to implement and if you only apply 1 of the methods you will cover your membership cost quickly. If you want to succeed on line we will make sure that you do.

The next question you are probably thinking is: What are your Qualifications?

None, apart from the fact that I’ve been there and done it. Every cent I earn is earned online and has been for over 2 years. When I started I had a budget of $100 and no job to fall back on it was literally succeed or bust. Over 2 years later I am still here not yet in a mansion or driving a Ferrari (not that i’d want to!) but doing Ok.

OK So What does the Income Academy offer?

We try to provide everything that you need to make an income online it’s as simple as that. We have blueprints, step by step video guides, Monthly projects, useful products and guides for you to download. The products that we add to the download area would cost you $200-$300 per month if you were to purchase them yourself. We have plans to add free hosting for members early next year. You have access to an in-house writer. Last and definitely not least we have the Forum which is the heart of the site, around 2500 posts already. We even have an affiliate program so that you can quickly cover your costs of membership.

My aim is to make this the only membership site that you will ever need and I won’t stop until I’ve achieved it.

Here is my personal guarantee, if you join and don’t find anything that will help you then just tell me and I will refund your payment immediately.

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To anyone reading this blog – I have to say that Mark is one of the honest hard working IMers. I have gotten to know him over Skype and he is always available for a bit of banter and exchange information.

Anyone sitting on the fence “get off it” Mark has abundant advice on all things IM and Mark good luck mate.

All the best to you and yours from wintery Ireland…

Mike Russen


Dan Anton

Sounds like a great service. I have learned a lot of this stuff on my own, but it has taken a year of straight dedication. If I could have someone mentor me from the start for a small fee I would gladly have taken it. Nothing wrong with self-promotion btw 😉 best of luck


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